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I am sorry that I sent the entire list I was not careful while typing.
Here is the continuation. This is the third part.
 Again I apologize for the inconvenience.
5) Education and Society 
Truth does not pay homage to any Society, ancient amd modern. Society has to 
pay homage to Truth or die. Societies should be moulded upon truth, and truth
has not to adjust itself to society........That Society is the GREATEST, where
the HIGHEST TRUTHS became PRACTICAL. That is my opinion; and if Society is not
fit for the highest truths, MAKE IT SO; and the sooner, the better. 

I say,LIBERATE, undo the shackles of people as much as you can..... when you 
would be able to sacrifice all desire for happiness for the sake of Society,
then you would be the BUDDHA, then YOU WOULD BE FREE

Three things are necessary to make every Man GREAT, every Nation GREAT :
1) CONVICTION of the powers of GOODNESS
3) HELPING all who are trying TO BE and DO GOOD

If your Ideal is matter, matter shalt thou be. Behold! our ideal is the Spirit.
That alone EXISTS. Nothing else exists, and like Him, we LIVE FOREVER.

Do you not find in History that the first death sign of a nation has been 
UNCHASTITY? When that has entered, the end of the race is in sight.
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