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hooray HT!!!

I really think it's fantastic that the Hinduja Clan has started a Foundation 
to  preserve our Dharma. Does anyone know how one may contact the Hinduja 

I feel that not enough Hindus have a "group" mentality. They only
 think as individuals. There is not enough solidarity. We should be far
 more aggressive in creating foundations, endowments, and the like. I recently
 read an article in the local paper about a Chinese businessman who won 5 
million$ from a horse-race and he used the profit to set up a scholarship 
fund for mainland Chinese students to study at Stanford!!! Why don't Indians
do things like this! China's literacy rate was far lower than India's was
 in 1960. NOW, China has a 73% literacy vs. India's dismal 52%. By 2000 C.E.,
 one in two illiterates will be Indian! Is this ourlegacy? Is 
this the race which gave the gift of numerals to mankind? As Hindus we
 MUST develop an ethic of communal self-help.. This will strengthen our
 community economically, spiritually, morally, and politically.

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