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A Movie On Vivekananda


The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister K. Vijayabhakara Reddy launched the 
shooting of a film on Vivekananda at the Maheshwari theater last week.

The film, being directed by G. V. iyer, will be shot in Rajasthan, 
Calcutta, Hydradabad and Chicago, according to T. Subbarami Reddy, 
producer. Sarvadaman Banerji, who played Krishna in the national award 
winning film 'Bhagvad Gita', has been cast in the role of Vivekanada.

The other artists include Naseeruddin Shah as Ramakrishna Paramahansa, 
Hemamalini as Kali Mata and Tanuja as Vivekananda's mother. Dimple Kapadia, 
Juhu Chawla and Sridevi will make a special appearance. Salil Chowdhury is 
to score the music.

Vijayabhaskara Reddy asked the film-maker to ensure that no political angle 
was given to the movie. The film should reflect the Hindu culture and 
traditions in its true perspective.
The Union Minister of State for Power, P. V. Rangaiah Naidu, also spoke on 
the occasion.

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