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Subj:	Swami Vivekananda Quotes : 5

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Subject: Swami Vivekananda Quotes : 5
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This is the third part
6) Serve Man as God

Trust not to the so-called rich,they are more dead than alive. The hope lies in
you-in the meek, the lowly, but the FAITHFUL. Have faith in the Lord. FEEL for
the miserable and look up for help-it shall come..... I may perish of cold or
hunger in this land, but I bequeath to you, young men, this sympathy, this 
struggle for the poor, the ignorant, the oppressed........vow then, to DEVOTE
your whole lives to the cause of the redemption of these three hundred millions,
going down & down everyday.

The history of the world is that six men of faith, six men of deep PURE
character.  We need to have three things; the heart to FEEL, the brain to 
CONCEIVE, the hand to WORK. Make yourself a DYNAMO. Feel first for the world....
Ask yourself, does your mind react in hatred or jealousy? Good works are 
continually being undone by the tons of HATRED and ANGER which are being poured
out on the world.  If you are PURE, if you are STRONG, you, one man, are EQUAL
to the whole world.

Selfishness is the chief sin, thinking of ourselves first. He who thinks,`I will
eat first, I will have more money then others, and I will possess everything',he
who thinks, `I will get to heaven before others, I will get Mukti before others'
is the Selfish man.  The unselfish man says, `I will be last, I do not care to
go to heaven, I will go to hell, if by doing so I can help my brothers! This 
Unselfishness is the test of religion.  He who has more of this UNSELFISHNESS is
more SPIRITUAL and NEARER to Siva (God).

with love,

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