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A Book of Baby Names Available

Want To  "Pick A Pretty Indian Name For Your Baby"?

Yes, that's the name of our new Book of over 6000 baby names. The book comes
complete with meanings and devanagari pronunciations as well as tips on how to 
pick appropriate names. Book is delightfully arranged in pink and blue pages
for boys and girls. Names are alphabetized and ordered from short to long.

Get it at: MeeRa Publications
           5 Clifford Street
           Wellesley, MA 02181

You have to see one to believe! And you will be glad you did!

Price: IN USA:    $ 10.95 +  2.00 shipping
       In Europe  $ 10.95 +  7.00 shipping (Air)
       In Asia    $ 10.95 + 10.00 shipping (Air)

Please send checks/money orders payable to the above addresses and allow
3 weeks to receive a copy.

Atul Pandya	pandya@ranger.enet.dec.com
		--or-- ...!decwrl!ranger.enet.dec.com!pandya
		--or-- pandya%ranger.dec@decwrl.dec.com

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