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RE:Looking for articles.............


The following may be useful

1. Indian Philosphy Vol 1 & 2
     - by S. Radhakrishnan

   This is probably the best ref and an unbiased hstory of Indian philosphy.

2. Philosophy of Shankara
     - by ???

   This book basically presents shankara's advaita philosphy, mostly deals
   with respect to debate and discussion, not much of science and arts.
   (I believe, but i may be wrong)

The 2 vol set on Indian philosophy, gives a very detailed account of the
principles of various philosphical doctrines.

3. There are some books on Vedic Mathematics that right now popular
   in India. It is still under research, but some material is now
   published and may be available in US. I'll post some refferences tomorrow


Venkatesh Elayavalli

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