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1st Conference on Spirituality at UMICH

Press Release
Hindu Students Council (HSC) at the University of Michigan presents:
The 1st Conference on Spirituality
The theme for this conference is: Truth is One, Paths are Many.
In a society filled with bigotry, hatred, and claims of exclusivity, Hindus can take the lead 
in showing the world that no single group has the only TRUTH, and that "Truth is One, 
Paths are Many."  Drawing inspiration from the rich Hindu heritage, Hindu Students 
Council seeks to create a world where all live in harmony.  The Vedas proclaim, 
"Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - the Whole Creation is one Family." 
The seminar will try to bring together students and eminent scholars of varied cultural, 
ethnic, and religious backgrounds, to discuss about spirituality.  This philosophy reflects 
the unity underlying all religions and human beings' quest for realizing TRUTH. The 
seminar will provide a spiritual basis to many of the issues that humanity faces today, like 
the environment, freedom, human rights, etc.  It will provide a great opportunity for 
students,faculty, and the community to share and learn ideas.
The program will be held March 19, 1994 from 10am - 5pm in the Michigan Union - 
Kuenzel Rm.
DR. DAVID FRAWLEY, American Institute for Vedic Studies
SHRI TOM PATEL, Hindu Temple of Canton Michigan
PROFESSOR RALPH WILLIAMS, University of Michigan - English and Religious 
ELDER GEORGE MARTIN, Native American Spiritual Leader
RABBI STACIE SCHIFF, University of Michigan - Near Eastern Studies
SWAMI KALIKANANDA, Vivekananda Monastery and Retreat
The program will include discussion sessions in addition to speeches.
Raas/garba fill follow in the evening.
For more information, please contact Vipul Parikh at 313-769-2840 or Mihir Meghani at 
The program is supported by the Michigan Student Assembly, Office of Academic 
Multicultural Initiatives, LSA Student Government, Rackham Student Government and 
Office of the Vice-President for Student Affairs.
HSC is the International Forum providing opportunities to learn about Hindu culture and 
heritage.  HSC has chapters across the US and Canada and many socio-cultural-religious-
service activities around the world.

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