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Need "PLEDGE" from Indian Text Books.

Namaste Everybody,

My Name is Rama Krishna Pidaparti.  I got all the email addresses from old
Hindu digests I saved up.  I am feeling free to throw in a request below and
would appreciate any help.

I have a request for "PLEDGE" from desi text books.  This used to be in the
text books back home.  I would appreciate the English version of it.  This
would/used-to appear after/ under National anthem(Jana gana mana..).

It goes something like:


India is my country.  All Indians are my brothers and sisters.....
I love mu country and am proud of its rich cultural heritage...


If you have an authentic copy of it or even 'remember' bits and pieces of it,
kindly send me via email to: ramap@spatial.com OR fax: 303-442-5921(Attn:Rama).

Regards & Thanks in advance.


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