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Hi all, 

	I don't know if this is the right forum for my question but here it
	is. This morning my room mate and I were watching TV when an english
	song which was playing had the name 'nirvana'.

	My friend started laughing and said that it was 'nirvan' and not
	'nirvana'. I asked him about 'Rama', Krishna, Shiva, Ravana and
	moksha. He said that it was Ram, Krishn, Shiv Ravan and Moksh
	respectively. I'm confused and tried telling him that may be out in
	the north (where he hails), it may be pronounced that way, but in
	the south it's different. 

	My question is : What is the right pronunciation ? And how are these
	words prononunced in Samkskrit ?

	Will any knowledgeable netter please help ?

			Satish Maruvada 

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