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Re:Does God need man-made things ?

Article: 567 of alt.hindu bnadig@mbsdev35.lehman.com (Balu Nadig) writes:

>I don't know what was going on in his mind when my 10 year
>old son asked me "Dad, does God need man-made things ?". I
>am still trying to come up with a simple and convincing 
>answer... May be, some one can help me...

  Well, it is good and that questioning must be encouraged.  Actually,
God does NOT need *any*thing. In a family, a child pleases its mother 
by showing his/her toy-building or some drawing the child made. Tell, how
much a parent is happy seeing his son's art or toys. And similarly, God is 
Father to everyone, and He will feel happy to see man-made things. 
	When he grows up or can understand little more, you can say that
the toy-building or the crayons used by the child for drawing were
actually bought by parents, using their own money. Yet, they are very happy
when they are used by their child to "make" something and shows them! 
Similarly, God owns everything and yet, when "makes" something, to offer it
Him, it pleases Him very much!
	I do not know where you are located, but I hear many such questions 
by inquisitive little kids in Bala-Vihar groups of Chinmaya Mission where
they not just answer, but teach them with little stories as well. It is
a joy to watch, although I myself learn many times!

-Srinivas Nagulapalli

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