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Non-Sectarian Convention of All Indian-Americans

Dear Fellow Indian-Americans,

I am very proud to announce the first NON-SECTARIAN convention of
INDIAN-AMERICANS of all ages:                                            

                        SEPTEMBER 1-4, 1994

                            CHICAGO, IL
The unique aspect of this conference, and the most important, is that it is
non-sectarian.  This means that people from all religious, linguistic, social,
political, economic, and other groups will attend.  Since unity within
such groups has been firmly established, it is
time for us to move on and  wholeheartedly unite as Indian-Americans.

The convention is being organized by the Federation of Indian Associations,
(FIA), a united group of 45 associations in North America.

A similar convention was held in 1982; however, youth was not represented.
Therefore, this conference plans on focusing a great deal on the younger  
generation, as the theme implies.

The specific issues to be discussed are not yet decided; but they will pertain
to the betterment of the Indian-American community as a whole.

However, the plans for the convention are in its beginning stages.
A youth committee must be initiated that covers both USA and Canada.  Once
this is established, specific plans can be made towards the youth forum.  

As HSC members, last year we gained a lot of info about the issues facing
Hindus at Global Vision 2000, which was a huge success. HSC presently is 
involved in various projects helping the Hindu community.

However, some of the issues faced by the Hindu community are issues faced
by all Indian-American groups. In these matters, it is definitely a plus to
unite with these groups and have a strong voice. The whole is always
greater than the sum of its parts.

Please contact me if you are interested in helping with the youth
or if you have any questions.  Also, please donate your suggestions as to
discussion topics or workshop topics. This will  be a huge project, so a 
lot of people will need to volunteer. Since  it is an important cause, so
please think about it carefully.

Thank you very much,

Vijay Koduri
University of Illinois
Phone: (217)356-3137  
E-mail: vlk42641@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu

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