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Re: info request: vEdAraNyam temple

Namaskars Ramakrishnan!

Good to hear from you.  Yes, all is well, just back to San Diego
from a trip to Kadavul temple, for Mahasivaratri.

I don't know of a resource that has the info you are looking
for, but, I can pass this message along to a few friends who might.
Have you tried posting on SCI?  I have a complete set of the
Shiva Puranas, but I don't recall this info .. however, will take
your message home and have a look tonight.

I hope someday you will visit us, and we can hear you play your new

Aum Namasivaya,

ps everyone:  anyone know this info? below:


/ FROM:  L Ramakrishnan <ccwf.cc.utexas.edu!ramki@ucsd.UUCP>, Mar 21 10:27 1994
| ABOUT: info request: vEdAraNyam temple
| Greetings Sadhu,
| hope this finds you well.
| Would you happen to know of a book that deals with the 'sthala purANa' 
| (history and mythology of temples) of the Siva-pArvatI temple at
| vEdAraNyam, south India?
| I just learnt a sanskRt song 'srI pArvati-paramEshvarau vandE' by
| MuttusvAmi DIkshitar that was composed in praise of the dieties at this
| temple. There is a phrase 'lOpAmudrEshArchita charanau' in the song which
| apparently  refers to the legend of vEdaraNyam being the site where the
| wedding of the two was performed (for the second time) by sage Agastya.
| I would like to locate any further sources for this legend, or information
| on iconography of the vEdAraNyam temple
| Any suggestions?
| thanks very much
| L Ramakrishnan
\ END: L Ramakrishnan

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