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Re: Does God need man-made things ?

Balu Nadig (bnadig@mbsdev35.lehman.com) wrote:
: I don't know what was going on in his mind when my 10 year
: old son asked me "Dad, does God need man-made things ?". I
: am still trying to come up with a simple and convincing 
: answer... May be, some one can help me...

: Namaskar.

: Balu Nadig

The kind of answer would depend on your religious "goals" that you want
to teach your child, I'd think.  There are many possible ways to answer
his question.  Possible answers might include that God needs human worship,
but that assumes that your belief coincides with the statement and that
worship by humans can be considered man-made.

It really leads to an interesting theological question:  if God needs human
worship to exist, did God come first or did the worship come first(the
chicken and the egg all over again....)

Good luck,

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