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The Hindu Jewish Dialogue [Part 4/4]


Hindu-Jewish dialogue is not some new fad; it is truly an
ancient encounter which dates back more than two millennia.
(See Katz, 1991b:91-94) Since western universities arose out of
Christian cultures, it is natural that Christian categories
dominated and continue to dominate most of the humanities and
social sciences, religious studies in particular.  A retrieval
of links between Hindus and Jews, which is an aspect of the
contemporary Hindu-Jewish dialogue, reconfigures not only our
understandings of Judaism and Hinduism, but the very manner in
which we go about doing interreligious dialogue is modified, and
more than that, how we study religious traditions is changed.
Indeed, our understanding of the very concept of "religion"
becomes modified when Hinduism and Judaism are allowed to meet
symmetrically, which is to say without Christian conceptual

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