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Looking for Scholars of Sir Richard Burton and/or the Arabian Nights


I am looking for individuals who have made a scholarly study of Sir Richard
Burton (SRB) and/or some of his works (of special interest is his translation
of the 1001 Arabian Nights).  I'd especially like to get in contact with those
who are considered *the* definitive authorities on SRB and/or the Arabian

The subjects SRB has written on in his works are many and varied:  archaeology,
anthropology, exploration, poetry, Islam (including his "undercover" trip to
Mecca and Medina), Hinduism, Eastern erotica (including discussion of various
types of sexual practices among many Asian peoples, including homosexuality --
the Kama Sutra, and of course the Arabian Nights were translated by him),
weaponry, etc.  This is the reason for the significant cross-posting to many

SRB himself was quite an interesting person.  He fluently spoke 29 languages
and 11 dialects.  He traveled the world, and became intimately acquainted
with many peoples:  India, the Middle East, South America, Africa, etc.  He
discovered Lake Tanganyika, and his journal of explorations are unequaled by
any other explorer, before or since.  His translation of the 1001 Arabian
Nights, as well as his copious notes of it, is considered the most faithful,
unexpurgated rendering of the original Arabic, mainly because of his fluency
of the language and understanding of Middle Eastern culture, which is arguably
better than any other Westerner, before or since his time.

Oh well, enough adulation about SRB.  Please forward any references of
scholars you know who study SRB and/or the 1001 Arabian Nights.

Jon Noring

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