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Date: Fri, 1 Apr 1994 11:37:33 -0500 (EST)
From: dhara parekh <dparekh@moose.uvm.edu>
To: Chandan Bandopadhyay <cbando@lynx.dac.northeastern.edu>
Subject: Vermont


	By now many of you are probably curious to know about the HSC chapter  
in Vermont. I would not be surprise if some people have also forgotten that  
the HSC chapter even exists at University of Vermont.   
	As a new chapter this year, we have been very successful in 
achieving our set goals. We have had weekly meetings discussing on topics 
such as Hindu and Environment, the meaning of the universal symbol OM, 
Meditation and The Caste system in India.

	Part of the mission of HSC is to unite east and west by educating 
the west of the Hindu philosophy, culture and tradition. Vermont has also 
been successful in achieving this mission. Since UVM has only about three 
or four courses that are offered on India, students have shown a vast amount 
of interest to know more. Most of the people who have been attending the 
HSC meetings are the people of non-Indian origin.

	If you are curious to know more or have any questions regarding the 
chapter at UVM, you know how to get in touch.



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