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Newsgroups: alt.hindu
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From: kumar@caddac1.uwaterloo.ca (M. Jagadesh Kumar)
Subject: Return of christian tribals back to their original Hindu faith
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Date: Thu, 7 Apr 1994 11:29:54 GMT

       Return of the Fraudulently Proselytised Tribals
                 to their Original Hindu Faith

	The Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram of Jashpur Nagar, District Raigarh, M.P.,
held its 4th Home Coming programme on 29 October 1993 at Sureshpur in
Pathalgaon tehsil. As many as 1709 persons from 20 villages belonging to 327
vanavasi families, who were earlier converted to Christianity by foreign
missionaries, returned to their original Hindu faith. This programme too, like
the earlier three was very successful. It went off peacefully in spite of
opposition from Christian Missions resorting to all sorts of obstructions
including offering of large monetory allurements to desuade persons desiring to
return to their original faith. Besides, for sabotaging this program, the
ruling congress party evidently for securing Christian votes, supported the
christian missions.

	The first such home coming program was held in a village Saraipally in
Bagichha tehsil on 11 November 92, in which 56 persons of 10 families, returned
to their original faith. Two more prograams were held at village Kumbhichuwan
in Dharamjii tehsil in which 785 persons of 184 families and 1703 persons of
488 families respectively, returned to their Hindu faith. 

	The programs are having a strong impact. Hesitation because of the
problems they might face on their return to their originnal faith, is gone and
more and more christian converts are motivated to return to Hinduism. Most
christian converts are now disillusioned and are awakening to the glory of
their own culture as a result of the devoted work by Akhil Bharatiya Vanavasi
Kalyan Ashram, for the last over 40 years.

	Earlier christian missions had systematically misguided them. They
impressed on thier simple minds that they were not Hindus. The British
government mischievously called them adivasis so that the belief may sink in
their mind. Neglect of vanavasis by Hindu society helped in their drift.
Christian missions further impressed on their minds that they had no religion
or culture and that this was the reason for their miserable plight. Many of
them were misled by the mischievous propaganda and also succumbed to material
allurements. With the devoted self-less service rendered by the Kalyan Ashram,
they can now easily differentiate between selfless service and motivated

Courtesy: Organiser, March 9, 1994.

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