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Request for information on Durga

To: moderator of the alt.hindu forum

I found your email address in the alt.hindu  FAQ.  I am looking
for information about the goddess Durga, and I wonder whether this forum is
an appropriate place to post a query.  My particular question is
about the articles She carries: what are they, and do the exact
articles vary or are they always the same? And what is their purpose?   
I know there is often a sword and a conch shell, but I am not sure what the 
disc-shaped object I have seen on some statues is, or what She holds
in Her other hands.  I am also interested in any other information on Durga 
that may be available, or any suggestions as to where to look for more. 

Thank you very much,

Arda McVey
arda@islandsoft.com or mcvey@well.sf.ca.us

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