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Hanuman Buddhi

The four-fold fruit of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, is given to the one
who believes with faith in the Master.  Today is the time to speak of the
virtues of You, Hanuman, the ocean of knowledge, and the Shiva-Shakti of
the Kapi Clan.  You are in fact the divine messenger of matchless powers
that some cannot understand, though you are known only as the son of Pavan,
born of Anjani.  You are of golden hue, and wear fine ear-rings, and locks
of waved hair.  You wear the sacred thread of jute as Vagyopaveeta, and
are awarded a personal flag as a mark of rare heroism.  You are the servant
of Rama.  You are Shiva, who descended to aid the Prince and King to defeat
the ten-headed.  You bestow cherished objects.  You are the greatest am-
bassador, highly learned, of fine speak, who can speak many languages, but
always speaking on behalf of Shri Rama and Mother Sita.  Besides fine speach,
You are an ardent listener, especially in the narration of the Epic of Ram.
You are of fine strength, though only seemly a monkey, and set all of Lanka
a-blaze and destroyed the Asuras.  You are a healer, and brought the Sanjee-
vani herb to restore Lakshman back to life.  You restore death to life.  You
are a magical Physician.  You are the secret bringer of the most important
of good tides, the first messanger, just as you brought to Sita the first
message of the approach of Ram as She was held captive in the garden of
Ravana.  You also bring the taraka mantra while in Your form of Shiva,
wispered into the ear of one at the minute of death.  You can fly.  You
dashed to the Sun as if it were an orange-fruit to be picked from a tree,
and You crossed the shores from India to Lanka to find Sita.  One who asks
for You in Name, you in return annihilate maladies and pain.  You come in
the time of crisis.  You save nations.  You are a guardian angel.  You be-
stow siddhis.  You can take human form, or the form of a small being.  You
are of benign grace.  One who recites the knowledge of this will attain.

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