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Future events

                            H I N D U
                         S T U D E N T S
                          C O U N C I L

Follwing is a schedule of the future events. If you are interested in
any one of the following events and would like to contribute to its end
then please send me an email. 


May 27-30       Yuva Conference in Boston
Mid-June        Hindu Heroes' Day
                (Lectures and Discussions on Maharaj Ranjit Singh
                 Raja of Vijaynagar, Chhatrapati Shivaji, and Rana

                Confirmed Speakers:
                Dr Vijay Sazawal, President, Indo-American Kashmir Forum.
                Dr Krishan Aggarwal, President, US-Indo Forum.
                Giani Satpal Singh                                  

July 1-4       HSC National Summer Camp:
               Camp America, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Note: Info on the Boston conference and the summer camp is available. We
would recommend that you attend these. Reason being: you will find out
what HSC is all about and you will meet people from all are chapters
around the U.S.
Days for the follwing events have still to be worked out.

FALL semester ('94):         

September 3rd Week                   Recruitment Meeting---Cultural Program
                                     Ganesh Chaturthi with Dandia &/or Bhangra
October                              Navaratri with Raas Garba and Dandya Raas

November                             Deepavali with Rajasthani Dance

December                             Gita Jayanti (at Hindu Jain Temple)

SPRING semester ('95):

January                             Pongal
                                    Republic Day of Bharat

February                            Saraswati Puja
                                    Cultural Program

March                               Holi with Dandya/Raas Garba

April                               Baisakhi with Bhangra

HSC_Pittsburgh Coordiantion Committee:
Ajay Belambe
Jignesh Gandhi
Srikant Mookerjee
Abhishek Parekh

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