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Re: Bhagavad Gita

Sharat Parameswaran (ratman@merle.acns.nwu.edu) wrote:

: Just for the record, it appears the Jnaneshwari version and the Swami 
: Chinmayananda ones are the most popular.  Personally, I would definitely 
: prefer using the Chinmayananda version simply because I have been involved 
: with the Chinmaya Mission program (i.e., Balavihar) for pretty much my 
: entire existance.  My parents have a copy at home (i.e., not here), but I'm 
: at college (i.e., here), and so I sought out copies at the university 
: library (i.e., Northwestern U).  The Chinmayananda copy was not available.

I have Swami Chinmayananda's version, and have read various parts of it. I must
say that, based on what I have read, I am a little disappointed with the
explanations. A lot of it seems intent on trying to convince a non-Hindu 
(or more likely, a Hindu who has diverged from the religion) about the logic
of the Gita. This is fine, except it seems a little contrived at times. Also,
Swami C. seems to explain "attaining Krishna" or "attaining the abode of
Krishna" as attaining Brahman, so his interpretation is not literal. 

I'm trying to find a good copy of the Gita from someone in the line of
disciplic succession. I have Swami Prabupad's version, which I like, except
that i don't always understand the conclusions he draws from his

-- Krishna

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