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RFD: Soc.culture.indian.info policies

Without any personal prejudices against Sridhar Venkatraman
(who in past has helped me many-a-times), I would like]
to open up a policy matter for discussion.

The present policy of sci-info prohibits any announcements
posted by religious organizations, regardless of the
program being announced.

Under this policy, a Kashmir Conference organized by
Hindu Students Council could not be announced on
sci-info however, the same conference, if
organized by IPSG could be announced.  The reason being 
that HSC has the wotd "hindu" in its name whereas IPSG
does not.

We believe that it is unfair, to reject the postings 
merely because of the name of the organization contains a word
Hindu/Muslim/Christian etc.  If the policy is to reject the
postings which are religious in nature, then regardless of the
organization/individuals promoting it should be rejected.

Sridhar has agreed to open this topic up for discussion.
And I would urge sci community to express its opinion
on this issue.

Ajay Shah

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