Gruesome Killings - A few cases GRUESOME KILLINGS - A few cases

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Subject:                       "A Peep into Macabre"

                 GRUESOME KILLINGS - A few cases
                (from Jannary 1990 to June 1990)

(1) Smt. Sheela Tikoo r/o Dalhsanyar, Srinagar, was shot dead on
1-11-1989 while crossing the Habba Kadal bridge, to go to her home.

(2) Shri Ajay Kapoor of Sri Ranbir Gunj, Srinagar, was killed on
21-1-1990. Two militants stepped into his shop and fired seven
shots simultaneously upon him and Shri Kapoor fell in a pool of
blood on his shop. He was killed despite the fact that he had a
wide circle of Muslim friends and was very popular among the

(3) Shri M.L. Bhan of Oompora (at the outskirts of Srinagar) was
travelling in a bus with his 12 year old son towards the city on
151-1990. While the bus was plying, two terrorists who also had
already boarded the same bus came close to Mr. Bhan and fired two
shots at his temple. The assailants asked the bus driver to stop
and then threw slained Shri Bhan on the road. His son fell upon his
father weeping and wailing.

(4) Shri Satish Tikoo of Karfali mohalla, Srinagar, was called out
from his home on 2-2-1990 by some young men one of whom was his
friend. After reaching at a corner in the lane of his vicinity they
fired at him and fled away. The Muslim neighbours who learnt about
the death of Shri Tikoo, in a gay way, passed remarks viz. "biakh
ha khatovukh" (one more has been added to the score).

(5) Shri Anil Bhan a bank Officer was on the morning of 17-2-1990,
while purchasing vegetables at Habba-Kadal, kicked out from the
crowd and then bullets sprayed into his body. "The militants
continuously fired upon him to terrorize us crowd mainly Hindus" -
narrated the frightened witnesses.

(6) Shri Lassa Kaul, Director, Doordarshan, Srinagar was staying in
his office premises for safety. One evening, in darkness, he went
to his house to see his old parents, at Bemina colony, Srinagar.
His father and mother were both sick. His father had been afflicted
by paralysis. As soon as he reached house and came out of his
vehicle, he was gunned down.

(7) Shri T.K. Razdan was shot dead on 12-2-1990 near Gawkadal,
Srinagar by the terrorists. Then his dead body dragged through
streets upto a mosque near Sathoo and kept for display there.

(8) Shri Ashok Kumar Qazi was dragged into a lane from the main
road of Tankipora on 24-2-1990. The assaulters broke his legs, bet
him with rods and sticks and left him in the drain crying and
gasping for breath. After some time the assaulters came on the spot
again and fired on Shri Qazi with their guns to end his life.

(9) Shri Balkrishna Ganjoo, a telecommunication Engineer of
Srinagar was peeping through the second floor window of his house
just to see what was happening. He spotted a gun-totting youngman
menacingly meeking at his naivety from the street below and
immediately shut all the doors and windows of his house. But the
terrorists broke the ground floor window and went inside the house
to be confronted by Ganju's wife who by now had persuaded her
husband to conceal himself in a drum used for storing rice. The
gun-wielding terrorist looked around every nook and corner of the
house before going upto the third floor attic, usually used for
dumping stocks. He opened lid of the drum and pumped all the
bullets in Ganjoo's body. The terrorist came down triumphantly in
full public view. The drum had rolled over towards stairs. All his
Muslims neighbour who had persuaded him not to migrate, turned
their eyes other way. Even the doctors at the Government Hospital
(SMHS) refused to attend him not even to issue a death certificate.
His body had to be taken to Rainwan six kilometers away for
post-mortem and death certificate.

(10) Naveen Sapru a telecom inspector was shot dead on 27-2-1990 on
the main road in broad day light and the terrorists and the Muslim
residents of the locality (Kania-Kadal, Srinagar) rejoiced over his
dead body. Some youngmen of the locality danced round the corpse
throwing "Shireen" (sugar balls) in the air.

(11) Shri Kapoor, owner of Vikas Bakery in Chota Bazar, Srinagar,
who was shot at by the terrorists on 19-3-1990 at his shop, was
injured and was taken to nearby Govt. SMHS hospital. The doctors on
Emergency duty did not attend to him at the behest of terrorists.
He died for want of any treatment. In another incident the doctors
in emergency asked the attendants of the victim Shri Shiban Krishen
to file report in the Police station before they could admit the
bleeding patient for treatment. It took four hours to complete the
formlities at the nearby police station. When the victim was
brought back to the Hospital both doctors there could not be found.
The victim died.

(12) A Hindu doctor, Shri Shiban Krishan of Ali-Kadal, Srinagar
dared to stay back in the valley as he had faith on the people of
his area whom he had been serving affectionately. But he and his
wife were killed in the presence of their two children of 10 and 8
years of age.

(13) The brutal and beastly acts of Muslim terrorists will put to
shame even the tyrants of medieval ages. Mrs Sarla Bhat, a staff
Nurse of Medical Institute, Soura, Srinagar was gang-raped on
14-4-1990 and subsequently murdered. Her dead body was found on the
road side at Lal Bazar Road, Srinagar.

(14) Miss Girja, a teacher of Bondipora was kidnapped from her
school, gang-raped by terrorists, stripped naked on a band-saw and
sliced to pieces alive.

(15) Shri V.S. Tiwari (from Madhya Pradesh), Shri Tapoo and Shri P.
Shekhar (both from Bihar), the three young probationary officers of
the Life Insurance Corporation of India, Srinagar, were abducted
from Nishat, Srinagar and were kept as hostages in a nearby house
which was later set ablaze by the terrorists. While Shri Tiwan and
Tapoo were roasted alive, Shekhar survived for a short period in a
military hospital to gasp for death.

(16) Shri P.N. Handoo, Asstt. Director Information was gunned down
near his house at Bal Garden, Srinagar on 1-3-1990, while he was
boarding vehicle for his office.

(17) Shri Pushkar Nath Kaul an Agriculture officers of Bijbehara
came home late in the evening. When he sat for eating his meal
after day's fasting of "Ashtami", three gunmen entered his house
and took him away. After three days his body, full of bullets and
burn scars was found hanging on a tree at Thajiwara village about
four kilometres from Bijbehara.

(18) Pandit Sarwanand Kaul 'Premi' lived in village, soaf shali, of
Anantnag district. The village is adjacent to tourist resort of
Kokernag. Premi was a well-known scholar and a Kashmiri poet of
great eminence. He had read Hindu scriptures including Upnishads.
He had also studied Islamic scriptures. He had just completed the
translation of Gita in English verse and was about to take up the
translation of Holy Quran in Kashmiri verse. He was a Gandhian from
his boyhood and was one of the few students whom Gandhiji had
granted audience at Barzulla, Srinagar in the first week of August,
1947. He had the privilege of being in personal correspondence with
noted Gandhians Dhirendra Mazumdar, and Vichitra Narain Sharma. He
toured Punjab in connection with Khadi movement. Later as a
teacher, thousands of Muslim boys had studied from him. As the area
is predominantly Muslim, all his social welfare activities were for
the Muslim masses. On April, 29, 1990, three terrorists entered his
house and ordered the entire family to collect in one room. The
terrorists ordered that they should collect all their valuables,
gold, cash, pashmina garments, sarees and shawls in the room. The
ornaments the women were wearing were torn off their bodies.
Packing all these in an emptied suit-case they asked the frail and
soft-spoken 64 year old Kaul to carry the suit case and follow
them. Then fate intervened and Virendra Kaul, his 27 year old son
volunteered to accompany his father, so that he could lead the old
man back in the dark night. "Come on you too, if you so desire,"
they told Virendra. Both father and son were herded out of the
house. What followed would put to shame even Hitler's secret
agents. When the dead bodies were found after two days, the scene
was appalling and nauseating. The place in between the two eye
brows where Premi used to apply sandalwood mark, commonly known as
"tilak" was found pierced by iron rod skin peeled off. found broken
and eyes of both father and the son gouged out. They were later
hanged and to be doubly sure shot too.

(19) Shri Bhushan Lal Raina who worked in Medical Institute Soura,
Srinagar, was killed at his house on ompora, district Badgam on
284-1990. Scared by terrorist violence in the valley, Raina had
finally decided to leave Kashmir along with his mother. He had
planned to leave on April 29 and started packing his belongings a
day earlier. While he was busy, a group of terrorists gate-crashed
into his house. Seeing them, the aged mother of Raina implored them
to spare the life of her young son as he was about to be married.
"You could kill me instead," she pleaded. But they did not listen
to her. With a sharp pointed iron rod they pierced his skull, they
dragged him out and nailed him to a tree after stripping him of his
clothes. They killed him inch by inch while he begged to be shot.

(20) Shri Niranjan Nath Kaul of village Krendigam near Bijbehara
was a Forest Officer and was on short leave in his house. Some
staff, members working in his division came to his house in a
departmental vehicle early in the morning. They wished him arid
told him that the Divisional Forest Officer wished to talk to him
urgently and was on the main road. He wanted to change clothes but
was advised not to waste any time as the D.F.O. was in great hurry.
Kaul accompanied them and was kidnapped. His dead body was traced
after a few days in another village.

(21) On February 8, 1990, at about 8'clock in the morning, two
unarmed B.S.F. constables were shot dead by the terrorists near the
BSF battalion headquarters in Chhanpura, Srinagar. At about 07-30
hours in the morning on January 25, 1990, Squadron Leader R.K.
Khanna and three other officers of the IAF were killed and 10
officers injured by the terrorists. The officers were waiting for
The IAF bus for going to duty. The terrorists who killed these
officers had suddenly appeared from the J.&K. Armed Police outpost
which was nearby.

(22) Kamal Suri who was running a provision store in Srinagar was
gunned down on March l4, 1990. He had been kidnapped a day earlier.
The victim was released in the morning and again taken away to be
killed in the evening.

(23) On March 2, 1990, Praneet Sahni's mother, Indira had prayed
the whole night for the welfare of her already dead son. His 19
year old wife, Upma, meanwhile awaited the promised honeymoon. "As
soon as I return," Praneet had told her. He was scheduled to return
the following day for what was to be the concluding religious
ceremony of the month-old marriage. Upma was to be once again
bedecked in bridal attire. What, however, arrived the next day
escorted by a distraught father, R.K. Sahney, was a coffin carrying
bullet ridden body of their only son.

(24) On April, 10, 1990, tears failed Sushma Khera, wife of the
H.M.T. General Manager, H.L. Khera. She had yet to fathom the
reasons of the large crowds which thronged her husband who had just
"returned home". Or the wreaths which lined the floor: "He needs
rest... Let him sleep" She is reported to have mumbled. At the
cremation ground she watched her elder son, Bharat "doing
something", while Manish stood silently. She must get back. Her
husband would be awake and waiting. She got up ...Meanwhile, Bharat
consigned his father's body to the flames. His grief has turned
into anger: "These terrorists ...", he swore under his breath. H.L.
Khera who was managing the H.M.T. factory at Srinagar against great
odds had been kidnapped along with his armed guard, tortured for
three days and then killed. His mutilated dead body was left on the
main Srinagar-Baramulla Road near Batmalloo.

(25) On April 11, 1990. "my father," said Arshi, the youngest
daughter of Professor Mushir-Ul-Haq, Vice-Chancellor of Kashmir
University, "is coming home." Relatives tried to take her inside
but she refused: "I will wait for him here". She insisted, "in the
Varanda as always..". Her father did return home but not as always.
He was carried on shoulders of several people. Her mother, Safia
Mushfiq, meanwhile, slept soundly. She was under heavy sedation.
She was yet to learn that her God had failed her. She was yet to
learn that her husband had been killed. Being a devout Muslim what
was the fault of Mushir-Ul-Haq. When the Jammat-i-Islami linked
members of staff and students of the Kashmir University were
destroying non-Islamic books of the University Library, the Vice
Chancellor had sent a courteous request through his Secretary,
Abdul Ghani not to weed out books written by Mahatma Gandhi . Since
then he as well as his Secretary appear to have been on the hit

(26) Shri Makhan Lal Raina (Thaploo) an innocent ordinary
shopkeeper  near Lal Chowk, Anantnag was murdered in the afternoon
of 27th April, 1990. Also was seriously injured, Pushkar Nath who
was shopping in his shop at that time. As some Hindu families had
still stayed back in Anantnag, Thaploo's murder was the last
warning. The warning was heeded. And the town was cleared of the
Hindus. Some renowned Professors of town who were proud of their
muslim students and had therefore, declined to migrate, went
running to Khannahal crossing to get hold of any transport for

(27) On 28-4-1990, Shri Prem Nath Tikkoo, Station House Officer of
the Police Station, Dooru Anantnag district was on duty inside the
Police Station. The policemen on duty at the door informed him that
somebody wanted him outside. He came out and was shot dead he
terrorists. On hearing of the murder of Police Officer at the
Police Station itself, in broad-daylight, in the presence of his
own staff, the left-over Hindu families in the surrounding villages
of Shahbadarea, migrated to Jammu next day early in the morning.

(28) Shri A.K. Raina, Dy. Director, Food & Supplies was killed in
Srinagar on 20-3-1990 in his office chamber by three Muslim
fundamentalists.  Shri Raina fell into a pool of blood for hours
together in his own office.

(29) Shri J.N. Raina, joint Director, Sericulture Department was
also killed in his own office in Srinagar.

(30) Dr. K.L. Ganju (40 years) Professor, Agriculture College,
Sopore was killed on 7-5-1990. Dr Ganju had returned from Nepal
along with his wife attending a Conference there. Two officials of
the College were sent to receive him. And receive they did.
Dragging him and his wife out of the vehicle, right in the middle
of the bridge in Sopore they shot at him, threw the wounded man
into river Jhelum to die. A young nephew of Ganju, who had also
gone to receive them and was also with them, was given a choice.
Either to jump into the river to which his uncle had been consigned
or watch what they were going to do with his aunt. They counted "3"
and the boy jumped into the river. The bullet-riddled body of
Professor Ganju was found some days later in the down stream of the
river, his wife was raped, gang-raped but nothing became known
subsequently. Official reports said police had not been able to
find out her body.

(31) In village Mabind about 6 Kms. from Bijbehara, the local Area
Cormnander of JKLF, Majeed, who belonged to Anantnag town, had
persuaded Dwarika Nath not to migrate. Dwarika Nath had remained a
tenant in Majeed's house in Anantnag for a number of years. They
were very close family friends. On hearing that Majeed had come to
the viliage in the morning, Dwarika Nath went to see him in a
common friends house. Majeed again assured him not to bother about
migration. None could touch him and he should remain free and
happy. Dwarika Nath returned to his house and gave the good news to
his wife. They now began to talk about the problems regarding their
orchard and paddy fields etc. Hardly after one hour, a group of
terrorists entered their house. Dwarika Nath decided to run away
from the backside door of the house and inform Majeed. When he
reached the rear door, he found Majeed standing with a gun. Dwarika
Nath's wife who had followed him, on seeing Majeed, shouted "save
us, save us." Majeed immediately took out his gun and killed
Dwarika Nath instantly.

(32) Shri Prediman Krishen Bhat was kidnapped from his home in
Trehgam on 28-4-1990 and later - his dead body was found mutilated
by sharp-edge weapon injuries.

(33) Shri Bansi Lal Sapru of Gulab Bagh, Srinagar, was killed on
2404-1990 by his known; Muslims in the compound of his house.

(34) Shri Ashok Kumar of Pulwama was kidnapped by the armed
terrorists. They broke his limbs and then took him out on the main
chowk of the road. He implored them for mercy. The militants  took
out his two eyes and threw him dead on the road.

(35) Shti Bushan Lal Kaul of Srinagar was found dead on 16-05-1990.
He was kidnapped by Muslim terrorists on 13-05-1990 from his house.
After three days, his dead body with eyes impaled was traced out.

(36) Daya Krishen Duloo a retired Government employee of Chandpora,
Nai Sarak, Srinagar, was in the morning of 12-05-1990 shot dead by
Muslim terrorists in the lane of his house while he was going out
to fetch vegetables from the market.

(37) Shri Chuni Lal Shala's dead body was found on 2-5-1990 with
many injuries and teeth broken in addition to bullet injuries.

(38) Shri Mohan Lal of Gund Cbekopora, Badgam district was gunned
down on 4-5-1990 at about 6-30 p.m. He and his wife Smt. Mohini
jee were returning home after visiting the nearby house of a friend
of them. On the road some masked gun men fired upon Shri Mohan  Lal
and his wife fell unconscious on hearing the gun shots and seeing
her husband slained.

(39) Shri Surendra Kurnar Rain of Tulamula, Srinagar district was
killed on 9-5-1990. A lift operator in the Institute of Medical
sciences, soura, Srinagar did not return his home for two nights.
Later the CRPF informed his parents that he had been killed by
three bullets one in the shoulder, the other in heart and the third
in the arm. Surinder was the only earning member of the family and
had two unmarried sisters and a younger brother wholly dependent
on him.

(40) Shri Krishan Gopal Chauhan of U.P., a Central Government
employee was gunned downed near his house on the Beru-Badgam road
while he was accompanying his little child to school.

(41) Shri Man Mohan Bhat of Qazi Hamam, Baramulla, an employee  of
the Post Of fice was taken along on 18-5-1990 at about 11-30  p.m.
by some Muslim friend. At about S p.m. the same day his  dead body
was thrown from a vehicle on the road near SBI  building,
Baramulla. He had many injuries on the muscles of his arms and knee
caps and joints broken in addition to bullet injuries.

(42) Four persons in a house at Bana Mohalla, Srinagar were killed
by  the terrorists who intruded into the house of Shri Jawahar Lal
Ganjoo on 18-6-1990. The terrorists killed Shri Ganjoo along with
his wife Smt. Prana. Another couple Shri Badri Kaul and Durga Kaul
who too were in the same house, was also gunned down by the

(43) Shri Autar Krishan Safaya, an officer in J & K Bank was killed
on 13-6-1990 at Srinagar.

(44) Sunil Kotru a teenager of Rainwari Srinagar was killed in the
lawns of his house on 22-4-1990.

(45) Shri Brij Nath Koul of Herman, Shopian working as a driver
with the Director, Agriculture Research Centre, Khudwani, district
Anantnag was kidnapped from his house at Herman by his known people
of Khudwani along with his wife, Sumitra ji. Sumitra was assaulted.
Her husband, Brij Nath was tied by his legs on one end of a rope
and the other end with the jeep in which the  terrorists were
travelling. They drew the vehicle for about 10 kms. and when
satisfied that Shri Koul had died, they left hem loose at Cheka
Hajan on Kulgam-Shopian road. Sumitra was gang-raped and done to
death afterwards.

(46) Shri Ramesh Kumar Raina of Rainawari, Srinagar. was kidnapped
on 28-5-1990 from his house. His dead body was fished out from
river 'Vitasta' (Jhelum) on 1-6-1990. Two little children and young
wife were left behind wailing and weeping.

(47) Shri Dillep Kumar (29 years) of Mujemurgh near Zainapora, was
kidnapped on 19-5-90 by five gun wielders. His dentures had been
broken and 12 bullets pierced into his body. A note from the
terrorists was found placed on his body saying anyone who dares to
touch the dead body shall meet the same fate." His body was
cremated by the CRPF on 21-5-1990.

(48) Shri Brij Nath Shah of Kupwara was killed by strangulation.

(49) Shri Bharat Bhushan Kaul, Ompora, Badgam was killed on 22-5-
1990. His mouth had been stuffed by cloth and then hung from a tree
with a slip attached. It announced that one lakh rupees shall be
given to the person who dares to touch the dead body.

(50) Shri Chaman Lal Pandita, a teacher of Kawoosa, Badgam was
killed on 20-5-1990. His Muslim neighbours had discouraged him from
leaving the Valley. They had promised protection to his family.
They had assured him that they would sacrifice their children for
his protection. But at the time of misfortune which fell upon the
family, nobody was seen.

(51) Shri Ashwani Kumar Garyali, Chattabal, Srinagar was killed on
24-6-1990. Along with him was killed his friend Shri Ashok Kumar
Kotha. Ashok Kumar died on the spot. Ashwani was still breathing.
His father escaped to the police station in search of some vehicle
to carry Ashwani to hospital. The SHO at the station taunted him by
saying should "we have got helicopter for your son?"

(52) Shri Chaman Lal Koul of Chattabal, Srinagar was killed on
24-6-1990. Terrorist assailants were the sarne who had earlier on
the same day killed Ashwani Kumar Garyali and Ashok Kumar Kotha.
They kidnapped Chaman Lal Koul an employee in J.&.K. Industries
and Shri Som Nath Raina of Water Works Department and next day on
25-6-1990 dead bodies of both were found with stabbing marks. There
were rope marks on their necks indicating strangulation.

(53) Shri Bal Kishen Tutoo of Sheshiyar, Habbakadal, Srinagar was
killed on 22-6-1990.

(54) Sardar Man Mohan Singh Sodhi of Anantnag was killed, in his
shop in one of the main Bazars of the town. His dead body was
thrown at the main Chowk of Anantnag.

(55) Professor Nil Kanth Raina, a leading academician was killed on
30-6-1990 at safa-kadal bridge, Srinagar.

(56) Shri Raman Kumar Razdan of Naidyar, Rainawari, Srinagar was
kidnapped on 22-6-1990. And two days after his dead body was found
floating in the canal connecting the Dal Lake.

(57) Kumari Babli, a student of Village Drusu (Pulwama district)
was kidnapped from her home along with her mother Smt. Roopwati on
29-6-1990. The dead bodies of both were found on the road of the
village the next day morning. Both had been molested and

(58) Shri Triloki Nath Bhat of Srinagar was kidnapped on 10-6-1990
and on 12-6- 1990 his dead body was found with many hot iron rod
marks and blisters on the road near Sri Ranbir Ganj, Srinagar.

(59) Shri Kanhaya Lal Bhat of Badgam was gagged and kidnapped from
his house on 11 11-6-1990. Next day his dead body was found in the
vicinity of his home.

(60) Shri Jia Lal Kaw of Handwara was kidnapped along with his
minor son on 18-5-1990. On 25-6-1990, the dead bodies of both were
found with multiple injuries and tied together.

(61) Shri Ved Lal Ganjoo, Principal, Govermnent Degree College,
Sopore was killed by the terrorists in his office Chamber of
College on 26-1-1990.

(62) Dr. (Mrs.) Sawhney was burnt alive in her house cum clinic at
Karan Nagar, Srinagar on 18-6-1990.

(63) Shri Suresh kumar Kisoo of Mohalla, Ragunath Mandir (Sona
Masjid) Srinagar was brutally killed in his own lane on 17-5-1990
and then terrorists urinated on his dead body.

(64) Shri Bhushan Lal Raina, an employee of Sheri Kashmir Medical
Institute, Soura, Srinagar was killed on 26-4-1990 by hitting on
his skull with a rod. While inflicting torture by slapping hitting
on vital parts, the deceased had prayed the assaulters to shoot him
instead of beating and thrashing on floor, but the terrorists
replied that they would not waste a costly bullet, When the 'kafir'
could be killed by other methods. They dragged him and nailed him
to a tree after stripping of his clothes.

(65) Shri Damodar Swarup Raina a 60 year old man picked up from his
house in village Demdul (Anantnag district) on 2-6-1990. He was
beaten. When his wife cried, tortured and killed but his body could
not be traced. Next day, his son, Shri Brij Nath Raina who was away
on duty, on hearing about kidnapping of his father, requested the
Commandant of CRPF Unit at Anantnag for help. Accompanied by CRPF
Jawans in their vehicle, he set out to trace the body of his
father. But at village Frisal which is very near to Demdul, the
CRPF vehicle was fired upon from all sides and Brij Nath Raina and
couple of CRPF jawans were killed.

(The above cases of some of the gruesome killings took place from
January, 1990 to June, 1990 -- first six months of open insurgency.
The killings continued thereafter).

                       (MERA BHARAT MAHAN)
And to think this was only the beginning.
Sridhar Pappu

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