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Lecture on YOGA and MEDITATION by Shri Albert Thomas


                         HINDU STUDENTS COUNCIL
		       Auburn University, Alabama

             invites you to attend the weekly meeting 

Date:  May 13, 1994, Friday
Time:  6:00 - 7:00 pm
Venue: Foy Union, Room 204

Lecture on Yoga and Meditation -- by Mr. Albert Thomas
(Refer to: The Auburn Plainsman May 5 1994, Page B-4)

Mr. Albert Thomas and Mrs Thomas teach meditation and Yoga at FrankBrown
recreational center, Auburn at no cost.  They are disciples of Swami
Darsayananda.  Swamiji, after learning yoga, vedas in Himalayas, runs
an orphanage at Haiti.

All of you might be aware of the benefits of practicing yoga. Yoga helps in 
self-realization and it is a vedic science that means to develop the body,
mind and spirti at concurrently.

It is our pleasure to have Mr and Mrs Thomas at our meeting.  Please attend
this interactive session at Foy Union Room204 on Friday.

Srinivas Karanam (HSC, Auburn University Seva incharge) will be collecting
money (around 2$/month) to send it back to India for Seva purposes.  The name 
of the organization is "SEVA BHARATHI".  If you are interested, send a mail to
skaranam@eng.auburn.edu  or call @887-6114.

Hindu Students Council - Auburn University

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