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%:%:% The Historic Healing Stone %:%:%

%:%:% The Historic Healing Stone %:%:%

LOTUS: Lord of the Universe Society


Many and varied colorful stories and legends have been written about the 
Sacred Healing Stone of Wahiawa, a small town on the outskirts of 
Honolulu, Hawaii.

Some claim that the tall Stone is the embodiment of the white Hawaiian 
God Lono, the priest healer of ancient times.  Others report the tale of 
two Hawaiian Sisters from the island of Kauai, who were turned into rock.

Notwithstanding the different legends, the Sacred Healing Stone has been 
discovered and rediscovered.  Several people have experienced miraculous 
healings, visions, dreams and profound feeling of peace and well-being 
after coming into contact with the Healing Stone and its powers.

More recently, in March 1988, some Bharatiye persons (persons from 
Bharat, or India) were taken to the Healing Stone by their friends and 
they were awe-stricken by the resemblance of the Sacred Healing Stone to 
God Shiv(a) in the form of the Shiv(a) Lingam.

In Vedic astrological science and Hinduism, God Shiv(a) is associated 
with Shani Dev -- the planet Saturn from several perspectives.

Soon the word spread and in April 1988, a special Pooja (worship 
ceremony) was organized.  It became evident to those who attended the 
Pooja that this site is indeed special, sacred and divine.

Since then through sunshine, rain and wind a cheerful group of 
worshippers has been gathering at the quaint open-air temple to partake 
in the ancient Pooja that is conducted regularly on a pre-appointed day 
of every month.

An intense feeling of commitment and loving devotion stirred the hearts 
of the faithful to preserve, perpetuate and improve the site of the 
Sacred Healing Stone.  In September 1989, Lord of the Universe Society 
(LOTUS), a non-profit, religious and cultural organization, blossomed 
into being.

The main activities of LOTUS are to impart human values and spiritual 
ideals, to foster cultural activities, organize discourses on various 
aspects of spiritual scriptures and to improve the holy site.  This is 
how the members and guests of LOTUS receive the blessings of God 
Vishwanath, the Lord of the Universe.

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