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Re: Burger King and Vegetarian Burgers...

Ajay Shah (ajay@mercury.aichem.arizona.edu) wrote:

: Call Burger King today!!  And urge everyone you know to do the same.
: Thank them for introducing the vegetarian burger and tell them that
: you would purchase this product if it were made available in you area.
: Ask them to expand the vegetarian burger to other Burger Kings.  Now
: is YOUR chance to see Burger King become the "Vegetarian Burger
: King"!!!!!!!!!

: CALL 1-800-YES-1-800

You should also add in your phone calls that you want burger king to 
cook the veggie burgers on separate grills. A lot of places use the
same grills for hamburgers as they do for cooking veggie burgers, which
kind of defeats the point of having veggie burgers in the first place. 


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