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Re: Historical origins of Dashavatara ? -- another question

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susarla@great-gray.owlnet.rice.edu (H. Krishna Susarla) writes:

# I would like to add a followup question to this which I am very curious about.
# Vishnu obviously has more than 10 avataras. For example, the Mohini incarnation
# which appeared to deceive the Rakshasas and allow the Devas to drink the
# Amrita. Also, I recall that there was another female incarnation which appeared
# to save Shiva from a Rakshasa whom Shiva had granted the power to incinerate
# someone upon touch. Also, I heard that Balrama, Krishna's brother, and the
# brothers of Rama, are also incarnations of Vishnu. 
    I am not sure if Mohini is technically considered an avatara.
Although i would like to know why...
    Also i am sure that Balarama and Laxmana are NOT avatars of Vishnu,
but of Adisesha, his seven headed serpent.

# Why is it said, then, that Vishnu only has 10 avataras. What distinguishes them
# from other incarnations (like Balrama, or Lakshmana??)??
# -- Krishna


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