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Hindus/Hare Krishna in scuffle with police in UK

BBC reports on 5/26 that about 1,000 Hare Krishna and other Hindu
activists were involved in an incident outside the UK Parliament.
They were protesting a town council's unhelpful stance in a long-running
feud over allowing worshippers access to a country manor owned by
the Hare Krishnas, which they have converted into a temple. Hinduism
Today reported on this some time ago. It appears the council, alleging
concerns about increased traffic, refused them a religious permit.
The Hare Krishnas thereupon purchased more land and offered to build
a private road.  The town council refused them a road permit. On the whole,
it appears to be an example of simple religious and racial harassment. {This
is my humble opinion}

Hinduism Today reported on this whole mess some time ago.

Today's incident apparently involved scuffles and manhandling of the 
demonstrators by police. It seems traffic around the Parliament buildings
ground to a halt as the fracas spilled over into the streets.

S. Rajeev

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