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Re: Hindu/Buddhist past in Java, Indonesia

In article <2sjbpf$gcv@ucunix.san.uc.edu>, Sri.Rajeev@Eng.Sun.COM (S. Rajeev - rajeev@travancore) says:
>I wrote this for India Currents in 1991.
>S. Rajeev
>Borobodur and Prambanan - Gems of Indo-Javanese Culture
>Indonesia's millennium-old monuments remain witness to Indianized past
>The 13,000 islands of Indonesia still hold the relics of a past that
>was Indian-influenced - it is not clear whether by conquest or
>...... <stuff deleted >.............

Two excellent books on the subject are:

    The Indianized States of South East Asia by G. Coedes.

    Suvarnadvipa: Ancient Indian Colonies in the Far East by R C Majumdar

Any one interested in the subject will enjoy them.

Arun Sinha

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