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Re: Does Hinduism require belief in God ?

In article <2tb078$cm7@ucunix.san.uc.edu>,
Jayant Lulla <lulla@athena.mit.edu> wrote:
>In article <2sjb4r$f19@ucunix.san.uc.edu>, * subbu sivaramakrishnan * <SXS144@PSUVM.PSU.EDU> writes:

>|> Another question I would like to know the answer to is :
>|> Does Hinduism require one to be a vegetarian ?
>|> Any responses to the above questions will be appreciated.
>|> subbu sivaramakrishnan
>what you say about believing in God is true.  the question about 
>vegetarianism is more tricky.
>i would say that vegetarianism is a requirement for strict hinduism, but it
>is not one of the "major" requirements - if that makes any sense....
       [part of the article deleted]

First,  What is vegetarianism required for is it some sort of law in hinduism 
or just to "better" oneself?  If it's to "better" oneself, then in regard to
whom should one better oneself, basically who sets the standards.

>so, in a nutshell, it is better to follow vegetarianism, and if you have a 
>choice, you should.  Vegetarianism is "higher" than non-vegetarianism but is 
>not an "absolute" requirement.
>- this is just my understanding - further discussion is welcome...

The notion of vegetarianism as being higher than non-vegetarianism is a rather
weak reason for someone to become a vegetarian since the person doesn't under
stand the necessity (if there is one) to become a vegetarian.  
In my opinion, I think it is the humility one shows and the thankfulness with 
which one recognizes that the food that he eats is all that is required.  As
Khalil Gibran in his Prophet said, (I am not quoting) that to kill an animal
for food or clothing one should recognize with HUMILITy (for emphasis) that 
he is as prone to being killed and is no different from the animal he is 
killing but is the same.  Again this brings up the thought that there is no
heirarchy in the animal or plant kingdom but that we are all the same from
one source of life and one source of energy.
I hope this makes some sense, and I am very keen to recieve your thoughts.

(... I, in this oyster shell, forever sing
     For a lonely diamond I search on still...)

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