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Re: Hindu/Christian Relationship

In article <2tirb6$qhq@ucunix.san.uc.edu>, lokes@selway.umt.edu (Lokeswara Rao) writes:
|> In article <2tb072$cm5@ucunix.san.uc.edu>,
|> Jayant Lulla <lulla@athena.mit.edu> wrote:
|> >What you say is true - there is very little that discourages
|> >marriages between Hindus and Christians.
|> >
|> >The only argument I can think of is that a child of such a 
|> >marriage would be under a bit of a burden - he would have to 
|> >be familiar with both the Bible and the Gita.  Sundays would also
|> >be a bit of a problem since he would have to shuffle Church and 
|> >Temple visits.  Finally, when he is asked to check the box for 
|> >religious preference, he would have to check both Christianity and 
|> >Hinduism or flip a coin or alternate preferences...
|> I would say that is a terrible burden, because hinduism and christianity 
|> are very different on the surface. For a teenager who is forming his/hers 
|> views on life etc., and who has to claim two very different 
|> philopsophies as his own, it will be very difficult to form a solid 
|> cultural foundation. The child will be lost spiritually and he/she will 
|> either hate one of the religions or neglect religion altogether.
|> I think the couple should decide and teach/ask the child to follow only 
|> one of the religions.
|> Lokes.

First, I think that you do not see the point of my statement.  I was trying
to put a bit of humor into my response to the question of Hindu - Christian 
relationships - I'll admit it may have been a weak attempt.

My point is simple.  When you look at the essence of Hindu and Christian 
philosophies, you find they are quite similar.  Hindus have a great respect
for the teachings of Christ - the Ramakrishna Society was initiated on 
Christmas Eve !  Similarly, Christians who are open-minded and sincere have
no problem learning about Hindu beliefs.

I can go on and on discussing this point, but I won't - for more information
you can read what Vivekananda has to say about Chrisianity.  For practical 
purposes, let me say that I know some Hindu - Christian marriages that are 
doing very well.

What Lokes says about Hinduism and Christianity being very different on the
surface is true - and in this regard, a teenager caught between the two 
practices may be under a "terrible burden."  However, if that teenager looks
below the surface and picks up the essence of both religions there is no 
reason that he should "be lost spiritually" or "hate one of the religions or 
neglect religion altogether."  On the contrary, that teenager should be 
better off for being exposed to religion and morality from 2 different angles.
For example, let us say 2 athletic people marry each other and teach the child
to play 2 different sports.  The child will be better off for learning 2 sports
because he will be more of an all-around athlete.  It's like cross-training.
I would say that the couple should expose the child to both religions and let
him choose which one to follow or to incorporate teachings from both.

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