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music concert

                 SemiClassical devotional Songs

            (In Hindi and other Regional Languages)


                            RAM PRASAD

                     Date: 19th June (Sunday)
                    Time: Morning 11.30 - 1.00

Ram Prasad was an ALL INDIA RADIO & Bangalore Dooradarshan artiste before 
coming to USA. He has also sung for kannada MOVIES and some private cassettes
under the direction of South India's Veteran music directors
like G.K.Venkatesh, M.Rangarao, L.Vaidyanathan(brother of L.Shankar and 
He has also sung with karnataka's popular singers like Rathnamala Prakash,
B.R.Chaya, Manjula Gururaj, Kasthuri Shankar...
Ramprasad will be accompanied by Bay Area's well known   
Ravi Gutala on tabla  and C.S.Balasubramaniam on Mandolin.

                          Admission : FREE
              Donations to the temple are most welcome.

Location:  Sunnyvale Hindu Temple
           420-450 Persian Drive
           SunnyVale, CA 94086.

           Telephone (408)-997-6452

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