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Re: Hare Krishnas?

A query on ISKON by Anne Haycock, among other things, elicited the following

In article <2to71o$ssb@ucunix.san.uc.edu> misrael@csi.UOttawa.CA (Mark Israel) writes:

>   Mainstream Hindus tend have a low regard for the movement.  I've heard
>they regard the members as untouchables, and don't allow them in the 

This is most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! It is possible that
the mainstream Hindus do not agree to what the Hare Krishna people
preach, however, not accepting them into temples -- which are
believed to be a place of peity and worship open to *all* -- and 
treating them as "untouchables" is totally untrue.

Sensing the mood of the post, I am inclined to believe that the originator
possesses certain dislikes for the ISKON movement and chose to reply
to the sincere query on a sarcastic, and partly ridiculing, note. I
also take umbrage in the usage of the word "untouchables", which does
not have a positive connotation. Perhaps, Mr. Mark compares the ISKON
people to the "Untouchables" of the television series -- attempting
to eject the "corrupted" from the system.

I have met only a few of the followers of the Hare Krishna movement, and
have found them to be extremely courteous and friendly. Their study
and knowledge of the Bhagavad Geeta, whatever its interpretation may be,
is certainly detailed -- and importantly, sincerely try to practice
what they preach. Though they may seem a little pushy a times, I found
their company to be enjoyable...

The "cult" and its "mission" is not a Hindu way -- and preaching through
force and deceit, what is generally called the missionary activities,
is not a developed and civilized way of propagating religious tenets.
If the followers of the Hare Krishna movement follow such guidelines,
in that case, allow me express my sincere disapproval with ISKON.



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