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Re: The Theism of the Upanishads

this is just a point of information regarding "shankara's views on the Pancharatra
agama system".  I did not want to include a long debate between mani and vidya.

Shankara essentially agrees with pancharatra system. The only point of disagreement
is the "apparent implication of causation of jeeva "
 as given in the text = sankarshano nama
jeevo ajaayatha".  This statement need not be taken to mean that a jeeva called
sankarshana was created.  Since even statements like "tasmaat viraat ajaayatha"
of the purusha sookta says from that original purusha - a viraat purusha who was born.
This does not mean that the jeevatma of the viraat purusha was created in the 
beginning of creation.  These ideas are clarified in the texts - Agama praamanyam
of Yamunacharya and Pancha ratra raksha of Vedanta desika.  The pancharatra system
is upheld by the visistadvaitins based on the statement in Mahabharatha -
which states the Narayana himself taught Pancharathra to Chaturmukha bramha in the
beginning of the kalpa.  I can cite the original quotation if some one needs.

I would suggest that one should read the following books deeply:

Advaita and Visistadvaita - based on Satadushani of vedanta desika - by 
Dr. SMS Chari - published by Motilal banarsidas.

Advaita tatva sudha - a reply to satadushani of vedanta desika - by N. S. Anantha
krishna Saastriar. an 3 volumebook in sanskrit - named (sata bhooshanam)

a reply from visistadvaita point of view from - Uttamoor Raghavacharya to 
N.S. Anantha krishna Saastriar's book -  ---  titled " paramartha bhoosanam"

It is general opinion among many scholars back in India that even today

Vedanta desika's book - satadooshani is un touched by any advaita book to date in
terms of logical rigor.  I do have to accept that Vyasa theertha's "nyaya sudha"
is a master piece which concentrates on only the Maya vaada portion . THis
book is from the madhva school point.  In the view of logic the strongest book
to date is "Nyaya sudha" but it concentrates on one aspect of advaita only. 
satadooshani concentrates on many aspects of advaita and to date is the most 
comprehensive attack on advaita.

I feel that one has to read this book with an open mind.  IF one can answer the
objections put forth by vedanta desika to advaita, then it is worth evaluating.

When historical masters of advaita like Vidyaranya have accepted the brains of
Vedanta desika.... Appayya dikshita, a noted advaitin was so deeply influenced by
vedanta desika that he wrote a gloss to one of the vedanta desika's works - 
yaadavaaabhyudayam - a drama in sanskrit which deals with the leela of Lord Krishna,

any derogatory comment on Vedanta desika's (known as Kavi (poet) Thaarkika simha (lion
among logicians) ) logical capabilities have to taken as comments based on superficial
treatment of philosophical works.

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