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An invitation to join AstroConnection

AstroConnection Online BBS
As of late yesterday, the AstroConnection Specialty Interest Group
has come online through the Buffalo Freenet.
This SIG is devoted entirely to the discussion and study of Metaphysics.
We currently have areas for the discussion of Astrology, Yoga and
Meditation, and Paranormal Experience.
AstroConnection is also the "Home-Base" for MetaCon, a weekly eJournal
that will begin publication the first week in July.
We at AstroConnection would like to invite you to become a member of
our group completely free of charge.  All that is required is that
you have the ability to connect to the Buffalo Freenet through telnet
or direct dial-in.
The telnet address is freenet.buffalo.edu and the dial-in number is
If you do not have an account on the Buffalo Freenet you may obtain
one free of charge.  At the login prompt type the word freeport and
press return.  You will then have guest access.  Once you get to the
main menu chose the first entry (#1) to go into the "Administration
Building."  From there chose the appropriate number to apply for an
account.  Follow the easy instructions, remember to send in your
letter of validation, and in about one to two weeks you will have a
full account.
To get to AstroConnection while on the Buffalo Freenet, type 'go astro'
from any main prompt.
Thanks and I hope I see you there.
Chet Niewczyk - Sig Operator

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