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Re: Chillums and Charas

In article <2tt2ql$1rl@ucunix.san.uc.edu>, matthewt@cogs.susx.ac.uk
(Matthew Taylor) wrote:

> I am not a hindu, but many of my friends have aspirations in that
> direction, and I am very sympathetic to hindu teachings. One thing 
> continues to bother me however. To the hippy sceptic one of the main
> appeals of hinduism seems to be the religious justification for 
> smoking large quanties of charas. My question is why do sadus do it?
> Is getting high really supposed to bring you closer to god or 
> enlightenment, or do they do it merely to distinguish themselves from the rest of their society?
> Thanks,
> Mat
Blessed self! Saluatations!

No religion in the world justifies self damnation - Leave alone Hinduism. 
People interpret the teachings to justify their action or satisfy their
cravings.  This is an age-old problem plaguing all religions, not only the
Hinduism.  In the name of religion people waged wars and killed millions of
people and yet quote scriptures out of context to sanctify their
animalistic passions.  That is not religion and those are not religious
people.  It is an abomination to use the sanctity of religion to justify
these barbaric actions. In the name of religions, there were Christian
crusade wars and many innocent people were persecuted.  Christ who gave His
own life and protested against any kind of violence did not preach that
kind of religion. These wars were nothing to do with Christianity.  In the
name of religion, Muslim invasions were conducted and many temples were
destroyed.  In truth that is nothing to do with Islam.  This is
misunderstanding of the scriptures and some time deliberately
misinterpreted to suite their conveniences.  

It pains me deeply to learn that some people claim that Hinduism justifies
smoking large quantities of charas.  If some sadhus do it that only means
that they are addicted to it and cannot justify their taking the drugs any
other way.  Some may take-up "sudhu profession" to satisfy some of these
cravings.  They are not true sadhus they are only vagabonds with no
spiritual aspirations. This is true now it was true in the olden days -
SankarAcharya in the 9th century also warned "Jatilomundi lunchita keshaha
- kashayambara bahukruta veshaha". essentially warning the aspirants to
watch out for the impostors in the sadhus dress.  

Every religion has this problem and I believe strongly no true religion
sanctifies these activities.  It is only perverted interpretations and
justifications to carryout their cravings.  But believe me there are
thousands of sadhus in Hinduism who don't smoke any thing.  So smoking is
nothing to do with Hinduism just as killing people in the name of religion
is also nothing to do with any religion. 

Smoking and getting high only destroys the most beautiful equipments the
Lord have give us -  the body, mind and intellect.  Once they are
destroyed, one is as good as a stone.  That is it means when they say they
get stoned! 

Life is the most beautiful gift that Lord has given us.  Every minute is so
beautiful and so enchanting.  By stoning themselves they destroy that
beautiful gift.  I have no problem if they destroy themselves.  But in the
process they destroy the innocent bystanders.  That should be stopped at
all costs! - Hari Om - Tat Sat - Sadananda  

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