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Chalo Sab Ohio Chalo!! 
Let's all go to  Ohio!!  
Less than 10 days from now,
we'll be at the National Camp. I'm sure, you guys are counting for
that very day,too.

Let's look at what we will be doing there...........

This year camp will also have full of surprises. In many ways, this
year camp will also be a uniqe HSC event. This is going to be another
oportunity for all of us, to learn, to have fun and to make our family

Some item are bellow:

Group Discussions/Presentations By Students:-
* Hindus Around the World 
* Liberal Arts: The Forbidden Fruit to Hindu Americans
* Living in America: A Hindu Perspective 
* Human Rights In the Indian Subcontinent 
* Hindus in America & their Participation in American Politics  
* Unity in Diversity: The Hindu System
* Hindu Heritage Movement On Campus 

Talk by Scholars/Pandits:-
* Why do we Pray?
	 Swamiji's Talk 
* Positive Thinking & its Significance
	 Dr. Veena Gandhi, Vice President, Youth Activities, VHPA
* Practical Applications of Hindu Dharma
	 Dr. Chaturvedi (Prof. Ohio State University)
* Meditation: A Journey Within
	 Dr. Banshi Pandit, Author, Hindu Mind
* India Today: At the End of the 20th Century
	 Madan Dasji, Rashtrya Swang Sevak Sangh, Bharat

Some National  Project Sessions:-
* Status of Hindu Women
* Seva: The Social Service
* Kashmir:the real Situation
* Global Hindu Youth Action Network(GHYAN)

* Mehendi: Rang, Mahuk aur Sundarta
* Hindu Martial Arts
* Search for the self: A Workshop On Meditation

Outdoor Activiteis:-
* Kabadi
* Khokho
* Volley Ball

Special Attractions:-
* Camp Fire
* Cultural Show
* Garba, Bhangra & Dandya Ras
* Boating
* Hiking
* Quiz
* Vedio Show
* Hindu Food
* Arati
* Temple Trip

So, see u guys at Oxford on Thursday Evening


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