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>is anyone familiar with a biography of Krishnamurti called Lives the 
>Shadow.  I think that is the title.  I wanted to know the authors name to
>find the book which I have thus far been unable to locate (Maybe it doesn't
>exist and I misunderstood something)  Also, are there any other good books
>on Krishnamurti that can be reccommended?

I think Aurobindo has written a book called "The secret of Vedanta".

There are a lot of good books by J.K. 

"The commentaries on Living" has 3 volumes. These are taken from his notebooks.

"Pupul Jayakar" has also written one book about him.

"Freedom from the Known" is also a good by J.K.

"Krishnamurti on Education" , "Beginning of learning" are some of the books 
you may want to try.

"The seer who walks alone" is a famous documentary made by the late director 
"Aravindan". This documentary also got the national award.

There are couple of books by "Mary Lutyens" published by the "Penguin" 


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