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Re: Sri Aurobindo, Krishnamurti

>        I was just wondering if anyone out there knew much about the life of
>Sri Aurobindo and his religious catharsis.  Just some background would be nice
>and in addition if you would like to recommend any biographies or books of
>his that are extremely valuable, this would be greatly appreciated as well

There are many books available on Sri Aurobindo's life and works. I would 
recommend you to read the following ones. 

"The Life of Sri Aurobindo" by A B Purani
"Sri Aurobindo - a biography and a history" by K.R. Srinivasa Iyengar
"Sri Aurobindo - His life Unique" by Rishabhchand

Additionally you can also read "Talks with Sri Aurobindo" and 
"Twelve years with Sri Aurobindo" by Nirodbaran

Sri Aurobindo himself has written many books, articles, esseys, sonnets and 
plays starting from his revolutionary days. These have been published as 
collected works during his birth centenary year (1972) and runs into 30 Volumes. 
Subsequently there are number of issues from Archives on His works which did 
not get included in the centenary collection. Some of his more famous books 
are -

The Life Divine
Esseys on the Gita
Synthesis of Yoga
Letters on Yoga


Indranil Sircar

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