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Date: Fri, 24 Jun 1994 21:03:51 GMT

Someone wanted a book on Sri Aurobindo.  I have some informal info
on him, which, I think, is quite interesting:

He was initially an extremist freedom fighter in Bengal, leading
the freedom struggle with other heroes like Bagha Jatin etc. He
ran a nationalistic newspaper then, among other things.

However, he pulled out of this movement quite suddenly, since, I
assume, he found the quest for inner freedom more immediate than
that for outer freedom.
Early on the spiritual path, he once contacted (the then, Late) Swami 
Vivekananda in meditation, and learnt spiritual techniques from him
for a period of 14 days.

He announced Nov. 23, 1926 as the "day of freedom" (or something
like that), since he perceived Krishna descending into the physical
plane on that day.  (Coincidentally or not, Sri Sathya Sai Baba was
born early morning the next day: Nov. 24, 1926).

There is also considerable evidence suggesting that he altered
the course of World War II towards the Allied Victory.  He believed
that Germany's win would "postpone the Divine Plan for a period
of thousand years".  Hence, he ventured out into strategic war
zones in his astral body and appeared (as an apparition) to selected
Allied commanders, giving them specific instructions.  Finally, on
the day when Hitler was in a dilemma between attacking Russia and
attacking England, Sri Aurobindo was present there astrally,
and subconsciously influenced Hitler to attack Russia.
The Russian campaign of Hitler, as we know, spelt Germany's doom.
Details of Sri Aurobindo's involvement in WWII are given
in the book, "Where the Road Ends", by Howard Murphet (published
by MacMillan in India.  I don't know if it's available in US/Canada).

SriKrishna Darbha
4th year Electrical Engg.
U. of Waterloo, ON, CANADA

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