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Re: Cows in Danger Now!

axl@utxvms.cc.utexas.edu wrote:

: I normally eat beef without a second thought, as I am not a Hindu.

: However, I learned somewhere that Hindus oppose the killing of cows.
: After I get done reading the newsgroups today, I'm going to go grocery
: shopping and I might get some hamburger.  But, I'd like to give y'all
: a chance to explain why it is offensive to eat beef.  If I get a response
: before I leave today and I like the reason(s), then I promise not to
: buy beef tonight.  Write back quickly!

For the same reason that you may not be eating horses, dogs, swines,
cats etc.... some of these make good pets!  We treated our cow back home
like a pet, so even when she was quite useless, we let her die in peace 
rather than tear her to pieces.

Now the all-American cow is of a different species. I have no mercy for her
at all... and have been gobbling a burger at every occassion. 

FYI, there is nothing holy about eating/ not eating a cow. It is just a good
habit that was practised due to prevailing circumstances in the bygone eras.

If your intention was to make some devout Hindus unhappy, sorry you are 
in the wrong group...

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