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"To the Fourth of July"

>From "To the Fourth of July" by Swami Vivekananda
       Complete Works, published by Advaita Asrama, Calcutta

  Bethink thee how the world did wait,
  And search for thee, through time and clime.
  Some gave up home and love of friends,
  And went in quest of thee, self-banished,
  Through dreary oceans, through primeval forests,
  Each step a struggle for their life or death;
  Then came the day when work bore fruit,
  And worship, love, and sacrifice,
  Fulfilled, accepted, and complete.
  The light of Freedom on mankind.
  Move on, O Lord, in thy resistless path!
  Till high noon o'erspreads the world.
  Till every land reflects thy light,
  Till men and women, with uplifted head,
  Behold their shackles broken, and
  Know, in springing joy, their life renewed.
NOTE: In 1898, Swami Vevekananda surprised some American friends of his
      with this poem on the anniversary of the American Declaration of
-=Om Shanti=-    Jai Maharaj

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