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Temple Inaugration in Columbus, OH


A new temple has been built in Columbus, Ohio. It is going to be
inaugrated in the next weekend.  It did not occur to me invite our
family from outside of our chapter to this inaugration until the
summer camp, but I did not take any oppurtunity to invite y'all.

I know that this is an extremly short notice, but if you would like to 
attend the inaugration and make new friends in Columbus, please come to

The inaugration starts early morning on Saturday, July 9th and ends in
the evening on Sunday, July 10.

Please give me a call at (614)294-4155 if your are interested. There
will be people from the Pittsburgh chaptyer also -- along with anyone
else who would like to join.


|Raj Vardhan Singh    |             singh-rv@cis.ohio-state.edu             |

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