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Re: Hindu Jain Temple in Chicago

In article <2vi6gg$i66@ucunix.san.uc.edu>, attmail!ihlpf!aor@news.acns.nwu.edu (Alan Or) says:
>Does anyone know the location and address of the new Hindu Jain Temple in the
>Chicago area? If so, please post. Thanks.


Here is the list of temples I have so far in Illinois:

1.	Balaji Temple
	1745 W. Sullivan Rd.
	P.O. Box 1536
	Arora, ILL 60507
	(312) 844-2252

2.	Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago
	Box. 99
	Lemont, IL 60439
	(708) 972-0300

3.	Hindu Temple Urbana
	Urbana, IL

4.	Manav Seva Mandir
	101 S. Church St.
     	Bensonville, IL 60106
	(312) 894-8002
5. 	Swami Narayan Temple
	1 South 631 Milton Ave.
	P.O. BOX 2081
	GlenEllyn, IL 60138
	(312) 469-1484

6.	Swami Vivekananda Society
	5423 S. Hyde Park Blvd.
	Chicago, ILL 60615
	(312) 363-0027

I am trying to get a list of places of worship compiled. So if you know of any additional ones please send me the
information. I would also appreciate some information about the place of worship such as what times are
they open. What are the main puja functions, etc.


Arun Sinha

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