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Re: Translation Needed

-I need a good translation of the following:

-Kasturi thilakam lalaata phalake
-vakshasthale koustubham
-nasagre nava moukthikam
-karathale venum, kare kankanam
-sarvaange hari chandanam cha kalayam
-kantesa mukthavaleem
-gopasthri parivestitho vijayathe gopaala chudaamani


	With the mark of Kasturi(*) on his broad forehead
	the Koustubha jewel on his chest
	new pearls gleaming, the hands adorned with bracelets
	holding the flute,
	the whole body smeared with (fragrant) sandal paste
	a pearl necklace 'round the neck
	and surrounded by the milkmaids (of Brinda vana),
	victorious is the crest-jewel (called) Gopala

(*) Kasturi is a fragrant paste which was prized a lot

This is one of the verses from the 'Krishna Karnaamrtam' written by
Bilvamangala; he happened to be visiting the Vishnu temple at
Srirangam ( now Tamil Nadu ), when Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu came by
as part of his pilgrimage. Sri Chaitanya went into ecstasy upon 
reading it, and made it part of the obligatory recitals of his
Gaudiya Vaishnava following back in Bengal. There is a shrine marking
his visit at the Srirangam temple even today.

Another tidbit: Like Tulsidas, Bilvamangala, quite a bon vivant in his
youth  was also turned into a devotee by his saintly wife Chudamani;
her name occurs very frequently in his book as a pun, as his acknowledgement
of his debt to her.


Date: Mon, 11 Jul 1994 23:42:29 -0500 (CDT)
From: Rajiv Varma <rvarma@ccaix.jsums.edu>
To: India News <india-news@andy.bgsu.edu>
Cc: misc.news.southasia@anon.penet.fi,
    soc.culture.indian@anon.penet.fi, soc.culture.pakistan@anon.penet.fi
Subject: L.K. Advani Leads Satyagraha in Jammu
Status: O

July 8, 1994, Jammu, India; Reported by Rakesh Sinha

"The question of Kashmir is not a Hindu-Muslim problem but it is a
question of patriotism vs. sedition and the BJP will not allow the
Government of India to leave the State at the mercy of the terrorists and
pro Paki elements," said L.K. Advani, All India President of the Bharatiya
Janata Party (Indian Peoples Party) while addressing the batches of
satyagrahis from Delhi and Jammu courting arrest alongwith him. 

In accordance with its resolution passed at the Vadodra session of the 
National Council of the party, the 14 day long Satyagraha, or "submission 
to the truth", was launched on June 23rd, the Martyrdom Day of Dr. Shyama 
Prasad Mukherjee, the founder President of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh 
(BJS), fore-runner of the BJP, to highlight the worsening situation of 
Jammu and Kashmir in general and Doda district in particular. Nearly 
2,300 satyagrahis belonging to Delhi and Jammu led by the Party President 
L.K. Advani marched to the Jammu Secretriat defying Section 144, and were 
arrested by the police.

The first batch of Satyagrahis belonged to Delhi. Initially the Delhi 
State unit of the Party decided to send only limited numbers of 
satyagrahis. But under immense pressure from partymen at the grassroots 
level, party office-bearers at the Mandal level and some other active 
members were allowed to join the agitation and the number went up to 503.

Alongwith, Mr. Advani, Prof. Om Prakash Kohli, President, Delhi State 
BJP and MP, Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, MP, Kalka Das, MP, Hukum Deo 
Narayan Yadav, former textile minister, Kedar Nath Sahni, senior party 
leader, and more than 18 MLAs including 3 from Bihar offered Satyagraha 
and were arrested. A large number of women belonging to the Mahila Morcha 
(Women's Front) also joined the Satyagraha.

Mr. Advani garlanded the statue of Pandit Prem Nath Dogra, the leader of 
the Praja Parishad which was affiliated to the BJS in November 1953. 
Subsequently, Dogra was elected President of BJS in 1954.

Later the satyagrahis led by Mr. Advani and Prof. Chaman Lal Gupta, the 
President of state unit of the BJP, marched in a procession covering 
various parts of the city. They raised slogans, "Jahan Huye Balidaan 
Mookerjee -- Wah Kashmir Hamara Hai", "Jo Kashmir Hamara Hai -- Wah Sare 
Ka Sara Hai" (The land where Mookerjee became a martyr is ours, not in 
parts but the whole of it, including the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir), 
"Desh Na Hara, Fauj Na Hari -- Hari Hai Sarkar Hamari" (Neither the 
country, nor the Army lost the battle, but it is the Govt. which lost), 
etc. Thousands of resident of Jammu greeted the procession on both sides 
of the road.

While addressing the crowd soon after garlanding the statue of Pandit 
Dogra, Mr. Advani accused Civil Aviation Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad (who 
belongs to the Doda district), for distorting the truth about the State 
and cautioned the people to be alert against the conspiracy of the 
foreign powers to destroy the unity and integrity of India. He recalled 
the satyagraha launched by the BJS four decades ago to integrate Kashmir 
with India. It had begun on March 6, 1953, and Dr. Mookerjee entered J&K 
on May 11, 1953 without permit and was arrested and whisked away to jail. 
Thousands of volunteers followed him and entered J&K without permit and 
unfurled the national flag. It was after this incident that the 
jurisdiction of the Office of the President of India was extended to the 
J&K. Mr. Advani asserted that in an independent sovereign nation there 
can be only one President (Head of the State) one national flag and one 
symbol. Abrogation of Article 370 is a must for the integration of J&K 
with India. He demanded handing over of Doda district to the military.

BJP's senior leader Shri Kedar Nath Sahni courted arrested in Jammu, 
alongwith 1,000 party workers including 13 MPs and 40 MLAs from UP.

On the second day of the fortnight long "Save Doda Satyagraha" the 
processionists marched through the Central Market of the Jammu City 
raising slogans against the State Government and the Centre for their 
failure in handling the situation in Doda. The processionists including 
40 women were arrested at the Jambulochan Chowk near the Civil Secretriat 
Bldg. They were released later in the evening.

Those arrested included Kalraj Mishra, U.P. State BJP President, Chetan 
Chauhan, a former cricket star and MP, Nar Singh Yadav, former Union 
Minister, UP State BJP Vice-President Mrs. Malti Sharma, and Shyam Narain 
Singh, U.P. State BJP General Secretary and MP.

On the third day of the agitation, party members from Punjab & Haryana,
led by Bangaru Laxman offered Satyagraha, on the fourth day BJP members
from Himanchal Pradesh, led by Mr. K.S. Thakre courted arrest. On the
fifth day, Sunder Singh Bhandari, All India BJP Vice-President, led a team
of party members from West Bengal and Orissa. The next day, a second
delegation from Uttar Pradesh was led by Kalyan Singh, Leader of the
Opposition in U.P. Legislative Assembly. The seventh day's delegation from
Bihar and North-Eastern States was led by Kishan Lal Sharma, All India BJP
General Secretary and MP, and Mr. Karia Munda. The delegation on the next
day which offered Satyagraha in Jammu was led by Mrs. Vijya Raje Scindia,
a veteran BJP leader, and (Ms.) Sadhvi Umashri Bharati, All India
President of the BJP's Youth Wing. Both are members of Parliament. On the
Ninth Day, the agitators were led by Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, National
Spokeswoman of the BJP. The delegation she led came from Haryana. The 
delegation which took charge of the agitation came from Rajasthan, and 
was led by Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, Senior Leader and MP. The delegation 
from Gujarat offered Satyagraha on the next day, and was led by Mr. 
Sikandar Bakht, All India BJP Vice-President and Leader of the Opposition 
in Rajya Sabha, the Upper House of the Indian Parliament. On the twelfth 
day, a team of party members from Maharashtra and Goa offered satyagraha, 
led by Pramod Mahajan, All India General Secretary and MP. On the 
thirteenth day, a huge contigent of BJP party members from the states of 
Tamil Nadu and Kerela, led by Mr. Olincheri Rajagopal participated in the 
agitation. This delegation travelled the farthest distance to reach Jammu.

The 2-week long agitation was concluded on the 6th of July, birth 
anniversary of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee. On the concluding day, a 
large contigent of BJP members from the states of Karnataka and Andhra 
Pradesh offered Satyagraha, and was led by the Leader of the Opposition 
in Lok Sabha or the Lower House of the Indian Parliament, Mr. Atal Behari 
Vajpayee. Mr. Vajpayee's electrifying speech enthralled the audience.

Rakesh Sinha adds from Jammu:

agitation, the BJP Satyagrahis arrested at 12 O' Clock in Jammu were 
released by 3:00 P.M. But Mr. Advani and other BJP MPs were released only 
by 5:30 P.M.  On being asked the officials explained that satyagrahis 
were arrested in in violation of Section 107 and 151. In fact the 
district officials were not clear and confusion prevailed when some 
policemen said that this was done because Section 144 had been withdrawn 
a day before while others maintained that Section 144 was in force. 
However, the official version was for the withdrawal of Section 144. The 
District Magistrate was not clear. The delay in the release of the BJP 
leaders was a result of this confusion.

	A large number of women satyagrahis who were just behind Mr. 
Advani's vehicle broke the police cordon twice and marched forward. It 
was only after a request was made by the leaders to the women volunteers 
that they could be stopped. The policemen who were quite worried earlier, 
felt a sigh of relief.

Accompanied by the following Photographs:

Photograph #1:  L to R, Chaman Lal Gupta and Lal Kishen Advani waving to 
		the people of Jammu on way to the Secretriat. (Colored)

Photograph #2:	A police official with folded hands requesting L.K. Advani 
		to offer himself for arrest. (Colored)

Photograph #3:	L.K. Advani, standing atop a stairway addressing the people,
		after garlanding the statue of Pandit Prem Nath Dogra. 
		Standing in front is Prof. Chaman Lal Gupta. (Colored)

Photograph #4:	Terrorized Hindu families reaching Gandoh Tehsil 
		headquarter of the Doda District. (B&W)

Photograph #5:	L.K. Advani leading the Satyagrahis. (B&W)

Photograph #6:	Police trying to block the surging mass of satyagrahis while
		courting arrest. (B&W)

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