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Re: impressed

>From: kmanoj@po.Berkeley.EDU (Manoj Khiani)
>Subject:Re: impressed
>Date: 13 Jul 1994 00:22:01 GMT

>Rama Jager (rdjager@merle.acns.nwu.edu) wrote:
>: 	I just wanted to say that I think having a newsgroup like this is a
>: fantastic idea because it allows a person to learn more about Hinduism,
>: which is something that I feel is needed by a lot of American Hindus these
>: days... especially me! 
>Just wondering, why isn't this group in the alt.religion.xxxx format or
>anything?  It seems that those seem to get a lot more messages than this
>group.  Perhaps an unmoderated newsgroup fitting the alt.religion.xxx
>format may attract more people? 
>I dunno....it just seems that all of the other "religion" newsgroups get
>much more postings than does this one(ie Christianity, Islam, Judaism,
>Zoroastrianism, etc.)
>Kickin at cal,

Well, I would vote for the group to be moderated in spite of a limited
number of postings. The plus point in favor of moderation is
that there is some accountability and people who want to post
will come up with genuine doubts . If unmoderated, the net becomes
a no man's land and what is worse, a forum for bashing and working
off one's frustrations at the end of a long day(SCI is a prime example)
So, let us keep our little home( with limited postings) a cozy
and nice place( without bashing and reflecting the message of Krishna
"my devotees are constantly thinking and discussing and exchanging
information about me", Bhagavadgeeta) rather than open up and then
end up getting into the kind of quick-sand into which SCI and
other groups have fallen.
      Just my humble thought


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