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Re: Buddha...and Hinduism...

In article <30ej85$o7r@ucunix.san.uc.edu> SriKrishna Darbha 
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[A bunch of new age stuff]

I really can't argue with you about what Hinduism does or does not teach 
because it is a meaningless label which means anything you want it to.  
If you are claiming that your views are Advaita Vedantic however, you are 
seriously in error.  A Vedantin would never accept the validity of 
Buddhism.  Vedantins believe "Brahma satyam jagannmithya"  Brahman is 
real, the world is false.  The Buddhists believe everything is false. 

: Coming to Lord Buddha specifically, He did not deny God's 
: existence,
: but was only silent about it (as I understand it).

What's the difference?

:  This is what
: Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga also say.

They do not.  Yogis believe in a Parama Purusha and various shastras give 
elaborate descriptions of His nature. 

:  They're to do with character development

The whole point of the Tantric depiction of Deities in their horrific aspects
like Bhairava Bhagavan and Bhadrakali Mata is that the Purusha is 
completely independant and unbound by conventions such as good 
character.  After drinking blood and dancing on the corpse of your 
husband isn't actually a sign of "good character" is it?

, and are independent of belief in an Overseer.

The Yogi has faith in a Guru whether human or divine.  By definition, an 
atheist doesn't have faith in anything.

: They just believe that the end of all effort is a state of permanent 
: bliss, called Kaivalya, Moksha, Mukti, Sayujya, Turiya etc.

: It is interesting to note that even the word "Nirvana" used by
: Lord Buddha to describe a state of permanent bliss, appears in the
: Vedas.

Nirvana occurs in later Vedantic literature but not in the Vedas as far 
as I know.  Could you show me where?

-- Jaldhar

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