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Hindu University of America Course Announcement

Please direct all queries to Professor K.C. Gupta (gupta@boulder.

Rajan Parrikar

           A Unique Dimension of Hindu Heritage in the West
          the commencement of activities in the Rockies
                  with an intensive Short Course on

                        Principles of Hinduism
                       July 30 - August 7, 1994
                      in Boulder, Colorado
                      Professor Pundrik C. Mehta
           (The first Faculty Member of the University)

Hindu University of America (HUA) is pleased to offer this course for the
benefit of HUA students, students of other universities and the general public.
The objective of this course is to expose the participants to the basic tenets
of Hinduism. This three(3) credit course is one of the three University Core
Courses required for the Degrees of Master of Hindu Studies and Doctor of Hindu
Studies being offered by the university currently. Participants in this course
may work towards these degrees by completing the other requirements.  Transfer
of credit to other institutions shall be explored for non-HUA students.

The course is designed to provide a broad and basic understanding of the
various facets of Hinduism and includes various religions that originated and
are practiced in India.  Emphasis is placed on the correct understanding of
Hindu Dharma in the broadest sense.  Detailed course contents and other details
are given overleaf.

For application and more information, please write or call: 
Dr. Ajay Sreenivas, P. O. Box 338, Niwot  CO  80544 Tel: (303)652-3379 or 
Prof. K. C. Gupta, 4685 Pawnee Place, Boulder CO 80303 Tel: (303)499-1150

Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy as to Students:
Hindu University of America will admit students of any race, color, and
national and ethnic origin to, all the rights, privileges, and activities
generally accorded or made available to students at the University.  It will
not discriminate on the basis of race, color, and national and ethnic origin in
administration of its educational policies, admission policies scholarship and
loan programs, and athletic or other University administered programs.
Hindu University of America, Inc.

HUC5001-3   Principles of Hinduism

Course Outline:
Introduction: Purpose of learning, introduction to the course, western and
eastern approaches to discover Reality, historical, distinction between
philosophy and religion, meaning of duality, techniques of interpretation etc. 
Vedic philosophy: Vedas, their antiquity, their divisions, their wisdom and
eternal relevance; Brahmans and rituals, Upnishads and their philosophy. 
Post-Vedic Systems: Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Shakti worship. Heterodox Schools:
Svabhava-vada and the Carvaka systems of materialism; Jainism, Buddhism. 
Orthodox Schools: Nyaya-Vaisesika, Sankhya-Yoga, Purva-Mimansa, Uttara-Mimansa 
also called Vedanta;  views of Sankaracharya, Ramanujacharya and Madhvacharya. 
Three pillars of Hindu Philosophy - Sabda-Pramana, Karma and Mukti. Four Yogas,
Meditation & Asceticism: Bhagvad Geeta and Prasthana Trayee.  The course work
includes a term-paper to be written by each participant after completion of
class sessions.

Instructor:   Professor Pundrik C. Mehta is the first faculty member to teach
at HUA since commencement of teaching activities in fall 1993.  He is a
graduate of Bombay University, a barrister from London and a retired advocate
from Bombay.  He studied philosophy as well as Hindu, Jain and Buddhist
religions for many years.  He learnt at the feet of Mata Anandamayee and
listened to J. Krishnamurti's lectures for about 25 years.  He is engaged in
compiling a book on Indian philosophies.

Course fees: Enrollment: $25.00, Tuition: $150.00, and Course handouts: $15.00

The classes will meet in Boulder for six hours each day (9:30am-12:30pm and
1:30-4:30 pm) on two week-ends (July 30 & 31, August 6 & 7) and three hours
each evening (5:30-8:30 pm) on week-days (Aug. 1-5). The class size is limited.
Please send in your enrollment before July 15.  The course may be cancelled if
a minimum number of registrants is not available.

Hindu University of America, Inc.
8610 Vesta Terrace, Orlando (Florida) 32825-7934; Tel: (407)277-5959

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