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Shankara and Madhva, Shlokas From Vaishnava Literature(2)

  One of the popular misconceptions is that Bhakti is somehow 
  incapable of producing knowledge of the Absolute Brahman as
   defined by Upanishadic texts such as "Tat tvam asi", etc. 
   Vaishnava philosophers such as Madhva, Jayatirtha and 
   Vyasatirtha emphatically say that to know or have a vision of
    the Supreme God Vishnu is the highest knowledge that any being 
    can gain. In the Gita we find that Krishna is questioned by Arjuna  
     precisely about this doubt. Among the worshipers of the personal 
     form of Krishna and those who meditate on the Unmanifested
     Brahman, who can be considered to be the best ? (Gita 12.1)

     Krishna replies that both types of people attain the same 
     goal, ie. Him. However, the path of those who choose to meditate
     on the Umanifested, Immutable Brahman is fraught with dangers; it is 
     very hard for the embodied to achieve, (especially in the Kali Yuga).
     It is for this reason that even the great Advaitin Shankara prescribed
     Bhakti as a sure way to succeed in the spiritual path. 

     bhaja govindam bhaja govindam govindam bhaja mUDhamate 
     samprApte sannihite kAle nahi nahi rakShati DukRnkaraNe ||
     Worship Govinda, worship Govinda , O foolish one 
     When death approaches, memorizing rules of grammar will not
     protect you.                   
                        (Shankaracharya's Bhaja Govindam)

     Note: The repetition of the phrase "bhaja Govindam"
     must be interpreted as emphasizing the instruction to 
     worship Govinda. 

     bhagavadgItA kincidadhItA gangAjalalavakaNikA pItA
     sakrRidapi yasya murArisamarcA tasya yamah kim kurute carcAm ||

     By reading the Bhagavad Gita, by drinking just a drop of
     water from the Ganga and by worshiping Murari (krishna) once,
     all fears of death (Yama) will vanish. 
                        (Shankaracharya's Bhaja Govindam)

     geyam gItA nAmasahasram dhyeyam shripatirUpamajasram 
     neyam sajjanasange cittam deyam dInajanAya ca vittam  ||

     Recite the Bhagavad Gita; chant the Vishnu Sahsra NAma stotra;
     meditate on the form of Shripati (Vishnu) within your heart; let the
     mind rejoice in the company of saints; donate your wealth to the poor.
                              (Shankaracharya's Bhaja Govindam)

     satyapi bhedApagame nAtha tavAham na mAmakInastvam 
     sAmudro hi tarangah kvacana samudro na tArangah ||

      Even when I am not under the influence of Dualism, O Lord,
      I belong to You but You don't belong to Me ;
      the waves belong to the sea but the sea never belongs to the waves. 
                                  (Shankaracharya's VishnuShatpadi)

      kuru bhunkShva ca karma nijam niyatam haripAdavinamradhiyA satatam
      harireva paro harireva gurur harireva jagatpitRmAtRgatih ||

      Do your assigned duty and accept the results of your karma 
      (in a detached way);
      always be aware of Hari's lotus feet; Hari is the Supreme God, 
      Hari is the Guru, Hari is the father, mother and the support 
       of the World. 
                                  (DvAdasha stotra of Madhvacharya )

      na tato astyaparam jagadIDyatamam paramAtparatah puruShottamatah 
      tadalam bahulokavicintanayA pravaNam kuru mAnasamIshapade   ||

      There is nothing in the world that is greater than Him who is the 
       Supreme PuruShottama; give up all your worries about the world  and 
        devote yourself  to (worshiping)  the lotus feet of Hari.  
                                  (DvAdasha stotra of Madhvacharya )
       yatato api hareh padasamsmaraNe sakalam hyaghamAshu layam vrajati 
       smaratastu vimuktipadam paramam sphuTameShyati tat kimapAkriyate ||

       Even if a person attempts to worship the lotus feet of Hari, all the 
       sins will be completely destroyed; if a person constantly remembers the 
       feet of Hari, that person is sure to obtain Moksha, the highest goal.  
       Why should there be any doubt about this ?
                                  (DvAdasha stotra of Madhvacharya )
       dharmah svnuShThitah pumsAm viShvaksenakathAsu yah 
       notpAdayed yadi ratim shrama eva hi kevalam    ||

       Dharma which is performed according to one's position is 
       a wasted effort if it does not give rise to attraction to  
       the pastimes of ViShvaksena (Krishna). 
                                 (Bhagavata Skandha 1 Ch. 2 Verse 8)

       vadanti tat tattvavidastattvam yajjnAnamadvayam 
       brahmeti paramAtmeti bhagavAniti shabdyate     ||
         Those who know the philosophy of the Absolute Nondual Truth speak 
         of Him as Brahman, ParamAtmA and BhagavAn.  
                                 (Bhagavata Skandha 1 Ch. 2 Verse 11)

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