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Texas Camp Press Release

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Subject: Texas Camp Press Release

Hindu Students Council
First Annual Texas Camp
July 16 - July 18, 1994
Press Release

   Nineteen students from Texas attended the First Annual Texas Camp 
organized by the Maneesh Mehra, Hindu Students Council Southwest 
Regional Coordinator, for the Hindu Student Council (HSC) chapters at 
University of  Houston (UH) and the University of Texas at Austin (UT).  The 
three-day camp from  July 16 to July 17, 1994, was held at Guadalupe 
State Park at Bulverde, Texas.  The camp was primarily for key Texas 
workers to meet together to plan future local and national events.

   Campers arrived at the park late Friday night. The campers worked 
together to pitch the various tents and set up camp. The campers started 
dinner by feeding the animals first by spilling half the chole. Despite 
eating a spoonful of chole with five puris, the campers had a 
nice dinner where they got a chance to know each other better.   After 
dinner, the campers embarked on a tortuous journey on a rocky, dark trail
to the Guadalupe River that enabled them to see various interesting 
sights such as jack-rabbits, armadillos, the river, and millions of 
stars.  "I've never seen this many stars since I was in India," said 
Texas A&M freshman Niharika Gupta.  At the river the campers were able 
to see each camper's rock skipping abilities. Some had a chance to learn 
the technique from experienced rock skippers.

   Saturday morning there were three sessions. The first one was conducted 
by Mehra, who talked about HSC. He explained what HSC is, how HSC 
was formed, and what HSC is going to be. UT Junior Nutan Mehta conducted the 
next session. Her session was about team-work and the upcoming Fifth 
Annual HSC National Coordinating Committee Meeting, which will be held in 
Houston on New Year's weekend.  The campers worked together to come up 
with preliminary plans for the upcoming conference.  The third session was 
conducted by UT Law Student Amit Misra. He talked about the need for the 
revitalization  of Hindu society. His underlying theme was that in order 
to preserve the Hindu religion and Hindu culture, one must preserve Hindu 
society. In order to preserve Hindu society, it's economic, political 
and social well-being must be maintained.  Each individual can do his 
part by contributing to one or all three aspects of society. 
   "The sessions were a good learning experience and helped me expand my 
knowledge of Hinduism," said UT Freshman Priya Mohendra. "It was good that 
there was a religious aspect to camp. It made me think and learn more."

   The rest of the day was engaged in activities the park had to offer. 
The afternoon was spent swimming in the Guadalupe river, where the 
campers swam in fresh water along with fish, turtles, and other 
creatures of various sizes. At night the Nature Society had set up 
special telescopes to view the crashing of a comet on Jupiter. The 
campers were not able to witness the actual crash, but were able to see 
Jupiter and it's four moons, craters on Earth's moons, and other 
astronomical sights.  "I can't believe I got to see Jupiter," said UT 
Freshman Shweta Gupta. "It really is a red planet."

For the conclusion of the camp on Sunday, the campers packed up and went to 
San Marcos, Texas for a day of rafting and tubing on the lower part of 
the Guadalupe River.  No one got seriously hurt since many campers were 
wiped out on some of the faster rapids. The campers had fun dunking each 
other in a variety of ways.  University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
Senior Jyotsom Ganatra showed the campers how crazy and brave he is by 
jumping off a fifty feet cliff. "This tubing experience is something 
I'll never forget," said UT Junior Vishaal Mehra, who unfortunately wiped 
and flipped on one rapid which resulted in his getting bloody knees. 

The camp was very successful and plans are being made to make this camp 
annually.  The Texas key workers were able to get to know each other 
better.  "The camp got to bring the Houston and Austin chapters 
together," said UT Junior Swati Trivedi, "and it will make it easier to work 
together on upcoming events such as the December Conference."

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